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25 miles, Men

Date 5 August 1904
LocationFrancis Field, Washington University, St. Louis
Participants10 from 1 countries
FormatFinal only.

In the 25-mile championship there were 10 starters but only four finished due to punctures and falls. Marcus Hurley did not compete, for unknown reasons. Charles Schlee retired after two miles due to a puncture and Teddy Billington quit after three miles for the same reason. Oscar Goerke briefly went out in the tenth mile when one of his tires exploded. He remounted on another bike, and kept riding until the 17th mile when he punctured again and withdrew. Four riders remained together going into the last two laps: Burton Downing, George Wiley, Sam LaVoice, and Arthur Andrews. Andrews led beginning the next-to-last lap but Downing jumped him on the backstretch of the last lap and won by a length and a half with Wiley third, four lengths behind the Indianapolis rider. Wiley did win a special lap prize for having led 35 laps of the race.

1Burton DowningUSA1-10:55.4Gold
2Arthur AndrewsUSAat 1½ lengthsSilver
3George WileyUSAat 4 lengthsBronze
4Sam LaVoiceUSA
DNFCharles SchleeUSA
DNFTeddy BillingtonUSA
DNFJulius SchaeferUSA
DNFOscar GoerkeUSA
DNFAnthony WilliamsenUSA
DNFMarcus HurleyUSA