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Single Sculls, Men

Date30 July 1904 — 17:10
LocationCreve Coeur Lake, Maryland Heights
Participants4 from 1 countries
FormatFinal only

The single sculls event had the potential to be a great event for the time, as the world’s top two amateur scullers, James Ten Eyck (USA) and Louis Scholes (CAN) both entered. Scholes had won the Diamond Sculls at Henley earlier in the year but neither he nor the American champion Ten Eyck participated. Frank Greer had won the NAAO (National Association of Amateur Oarsmen) title in 1903 and would win in 1905 and 1908. The 1904 Olympic events doubled as the NAAO Championships, and Greer also won in this year, triumphing by two lengths over Jim Juvenal. The bronze medal went to Constance Titus who had won the 1902 national title and would win again in 1906.

1Frank GreerUSA10:08.5Gold
2Jim JuvenalUSAat 2 lengthsSilver
3Constance TitusUSAat ½ lengthBronze
4Divie DuffieldUSA
DNSEdward AthertonUSA
DNSFrank VeselyUSA