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Coxless Pairs, Men

Date30 July 1904 — 17:30
LocationCreve Coeur Lake, Maryland Heights
Participants6 from 1 countries
FormatFinal only

Three US pairs were entered with the title going to the Seawanhaka Boat Club pair of Robert Farnan and Joe Ryan. Second place was four lengths back, but this was the Atalanta Boat Club pair of John Mulcahy and William Varley, who won the 1904 Olympic double sculls title.

1Robert Farnan / Joseph RyanUSA10:57.0Gold
2John Mulcahy / Bill VarleyUSAat 4 lengthsSilver
3Western Rowing ClubUSABronze
John JoachimJoe BuergerGus Voerg (DNS)Frank Dummerth (DNS)