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Coxed Pairs (1 mile), Men

Date27 April 1906
LocationOrmos Falirou, Peiraias
Participants21 from 5 countries
Format1,609 metres. Final only.

It is not known why there were two coxed pairs events, one over 1-kilometer and one over 1-mile. Both were won by the same Italian crew from the Bucintoro Venezia club. The three crew members – Enrico Bruna, Emilio Fontanella, Giorgio Cesana – were also part of their club team that won the coxed fours in 1906.

Second went to a Belgian team representing the Société Nautique de Gand. The two brothers on this team, Max and Rémy Orban came to Athens with no coxswain, apparently not realizing they needed one. They recruited a young Greek man named Theofilakas Psiliakos, who served as the cox for them in both events. The Orbans and Psiliakos finished fifth over 1 km.

1Bucintoro VeneziaITA7:32.4Gold
Enrico BrunaEmilio FontanellaGiorgio Cesana
2Royal Club Nautique de GandBEL8:00.0Silver
Max OrbanRémy OrbanTheofilakos Psiliakos
3Société Nautique de BayonneFRA8:08.6Bronze
Adolphe BernardJoseph HalcetJean-Baptiste Mathieu
4Dansk Idræts ForbundDEN
Hannibal ØstergaardHenning RasmussenHarald Steinthal
ACPanhellenios Gymnastikos SyllogosGRE
Nikolaos VianginisParmenios NomikosKhristos Brisimitzakis
ACPeiraikos SyndesmosGRE
Khristos VelegrisGeorgios NikolakisPanagiotis Saousopoulos
ACSociété Nautique de la Basse SeineFRA
Gaston DelaplaneCharles DelaporteMarcel Frébourg