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Coxed Pairs, Men

Date13 August 1932 — 15:00
LocationLong Beach Marine Stadium, Long Beach, California
Participants12 from 4 countries

Switzerland had won the coxed pairs at the last two editions of the Olympic Games, but they did not enter a team in the event in Los Angeles. In fact only four countries, Brazil, France (the 1931 European Champions), Poland, and the United States, competed, meaning that only a final was held, and it was not a particularly interesting race. The United States, Poland, and France won gold, silver, and bronze respectively, each by a significant margin. One of the Americans, Ed Jennings, improved upon the bronze medal he had won in the event at the 1924 Games.

1United StatesUSA8:25.8Gold
Charlie KiefferJoe SchauersEd JenningsThomas Mack, Jr. (DNS)
Janusz ŚlązakJerzy BraunJerzy Skolimowski
André GiriatAnsèlme BrusaPierre Brunet
Estevam StrataJosé RamalhoFrancisco BricioAmérico Fernandes (DNS)José de Campos (DNS)