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Kumite, >61 kg, Women

Date 7 August 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants10 from 10 countries

Competitors were divided into two round-robin pools with the top two competitors advancing to semi-finals and final. To date, no female Egyptian had ever won a gold medal at the Olympic games, but they had high hopes for Feryal Abdelaziz, who was ranked #2 in the world at the under 68 kg category. World ranked #1 in that category was Iryna Zaretska (AZE).

Zaretska won pool A, although she suffered a narrow defeat to runner-up Sofya Berultseva (KAZ) by a score of 5-4. Berultseva actually drew her first contest with Meltem Hocaoglu Akyol (TUR) and lost her final contest when already assured of progressing to the semi-finals. Pool B had a close outcome with Abdelaziz, Li Gong (CHN) and Elena Quirici (SUI) all winning two and drawing one contest each, so finishing level. Total number of points scored in all contests was the determining factor, which placed Quirici third in the group.

The first semi-final saw a comfortable win for Zaretska over Gong by a score of 7-2, although it was only in the final 15 seconds that Zaretska scored heavily (a yuko and ippon). The second semi-final was a much closer affair, Abdelaziz ultimately winning by 5-4 against Berultseva. All points were scored by yukos, with Abdelaziz taking an early lead and holding on to win.

The gold medal contest was a close match, with no scoring in the first two minutes. In the final minute of the contest, however, Abdelaziz scored two yukos without reply from Zaretska, to become the first female athlete from Egypt to win a gold medal.

1Feryal AshrafEGYGold
2İrina ZaretskaAZESilver
=3Sofya BerultsevaKAZBronze
=3Gong LiCHNBronze
=5Elena QuiriciSUI
=5Silvia SemeraroITA
=7Hamideh AbbasaliIRI
=7Ayumi UekusaJPN
=9Lamya MatoubALG
=9Meltem Hocaoğlu AkyolTUR

Round One

Date7 August 2021 — 14:00
FormatRound-robin pools. Top two karateka advance to the semi-finals.

Pool A

1İrina ZaretskaAZE301615-811-82-00-0Q
2Sofya BerultsevaKAZ211516-1511-71-11-2Q
3Silvia SemeraroITA202416-157-80-23-1
4Ayumi UekusaJPN202414-139-61-21-1
5Meltem Hocaoğlu AkyolTUR013113-235-141-02-3
Bout #107 Aug 14:00Silvia SemeraroITAPointsAyumi UekusaJPN
Bout #207 Aug 14:07Meltem Hocaoğlu AkyolTURTieSofya BerultsevaKAZ
Bout #307 Aug 14:28İrina ZaretskaAZEPointsAyumi UekusaJPN
Bout #407 Aug 14:35Sofya BerultsevaKAZPointsSilvia SemeraroITA
Bout #507 Aug 14:56Ayumi UekusaJPNPointsMeltem Hocaoğlu AkyolTUR
Bout #607 Aug 15:03İrina ZaretskaAZEPointsSilvia SemeraroITA
Bout #707 Aug 15:24Sofya BerultsevaKAZPointsİrina ZaretskaAZE
Bout #807 Aug 15:31Silvia SemeraroITAPointsMeltem Hocaoğlu AkyolTUR
Bout #907 Aug 15:52Ayumi UekusaJPNPointsSofya BerultsevaKAZ
Bout #1007 Aug 15:59İrina ZaretskaAZEPointsMeltem Hocaoğlu AkyolTUR

Pool B

1Feryal AshrafEGY211514-125-10-13-3Q
2Gong LiCHN211513-98-31-01-2Q
3Elena QuiriciSUI211510-54-50-02-0
4Hamideh AbbasaliIRI202417-192-83-13-3
5Lamya MatoubALG01311-101-30-20-1
Bout #107 Aug 14:14Elena QuiriciSUIPointsLamya MatoubALG
Bout #207 Aug 14:21Feryal AshrafEGYPointsGong LiCHN
Bout #307 Aug 14:42Hamideh AbbasaliIRIPointsLamya MatoubALG
Bout #407 Aug 14:49Feryal AshrafEGYSudden deathElena QuiriciSUI
Bout #507 Aug 15:10Gong LiCHNPointsLamya MatoubALG
Bout #607 Aug 15:17Elena QuiriciSUIPointsHamideh AbbasaliIRI
Bout #707 Aug 15:38Hamideh AbbasaliIRIPointsFeryal AshrafEGY
Bout #807 Aug 15:45Gong LiCHNTieElena QuiriciSUI
Bout #907 Aug 16:06Lamya MatoubALGTieFeryal AshrafEGY
Bout #1007 Aug 16:13Gong LiCHNPointsHamideh AbbasaliIRI


Date7 August 2021 — 19:20
Bout #107 Aug 19:20İrina ZaretskaAZEPointsGong LiCHN
Bout #207 Aug 19:28Feryal AshrafEGYPointsSofya BerultsevaKAZ

Final Round

Date7 August 2021 — 19:55
Bout 1/207 Aug 19:55Feryal AshrafEGYPointsİrina ZaretskaAZE