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Softball, Women

Date21 – 27 July 2021
LocationYokohama Sutajiamu, Yokohama / Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium, Fukushima
Participants90 from 6 countries
FormatRound-robin tournament, with the top four teams progressing to medal round.

Softball had been on the Olympic Program from 1996-2008 but was dropped after the Beijing Olympics. It returned for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but with some caveats. The women and the men, who played baseball, would have only six teams in their tournaments, to keep the number of athletes smaller. To avoid requiring the Organizing Committee to build an extra new facility, softball was played on a baseball diamond, with the baseball pitchers’ mound strangely located between second base and the softball mound. Outfield fences were artificially moved in, which meant there was no warning track for outfielders.

The six teams in the Olympic Tournament were Japan, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Italy. They played a round-robin tournament that advanced the top two, the USA and Japan, to the gold medal game, while the 3rd- and 4th-place finishers, Mexico and Canada, played for the bronze medal.

The bronze medal game was held first on 27 July. Canada scored two runs in the second inning and added another in the fifth. Mexico chipped away with runs in the third and fifth innings but could not score in the top of the seventh, and Canada held on for the win and the bronze medal, 3-2.

The pitching match-up for the gold medal game was Japan’s Yukiko Ueno facing American Cat Osterman. Osterman had played at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics and had come out of retirement to play in Tokyo at 38-years-old. Osterman was pulled in the third inning, after loading the bases, although Ally Carda got her out of the jam in relief. She gave up runs to Japan in the fourth and fifth innings and was replaced by Monica Abbott but it was too late for the Americans, who never scored. Miu Goto relieved Ueno in the 7th inning and closed out the game for a 2-0 shut-out and a Japanese gold medal. Japan actually defended their gold medal, as they also won in 2008.

1Yukiyo Mine
2Saki Yamazaki
4Yuka Ichiguchi
5Yu Yamamoto
8Nodoka Harada
9Sayaka Mori
10Hitomi Kawabata
11Eri Yamada
12Mana Atsumi
14Minori Naito
16Yamato Fujita
17Yukiko Ueno
21Nayu Kiyohara
25Haruka Agatsuma
27Miu Goto
CoachReika Utsugi
CoachReika Utsugi
2United StatesUSASilver
1Aubree Munro
2Ali Aguilar
3Ally Carda
4Amanda Chidester
7Kelsey Stewart
8Haylie McCleney
9Janie Reed
14Monica Abbott
16Michelle Moultrie
20Val Arioto
21Rachel Garcia
34Dejah Mulipola
38Cat Osterman
48Bubbla Nickles
99Delaney Spaulding
CoachKen Eriksen
CoachKen Eriksen
1Kelsey Harshman
2Natalie Wideman
3Erika Polidori
5Joey Lye
7Jennifer Salling
8Victoria Hayward
14Janet Leung
15Danielle Lawrie
17Sara Groenewegen
19Emma Entzminger
25Jennifer Gilbert
26Larissa Franklin
29Jenna Caira
38Lauren Bay-Regula
55Kaleigh Rafter
CoachMark Smith
CoachMark Smith
2Sydney Romero
3Danielle O'Toole
5Suzy Brookshire
8Victoria Vidales
10Nicole Rangel
11Chelsea Gonzales
12Dallas Escobedo
13Sashel Palacios
16Tatyana Forbes
17Anissa Urtez
18Taylor McQuillin
20Amanda Sánchez
22Brittany Cervantes
23Stefanía Aradillas
89Sierra Hyland
CoachCarlos Bernáldez
CoachCarlos Bernáldez
1Jade Wall
2Clare Warwick
4Stacey McManus
6Ellen Roberts
14Tarni Stepto
16Stacey Porter
17Leigh Godfrey
22Belinda White
25Chelsea Forkin
31Rachel Lack
32Kaia Parnaby
44Leah Parry
47Michelle Cox
54Gabrielle Plain
65Taylah Tsitsikronis
CoachLaing Harrow
CoachLaing Harrow
5Alexia Lacatena
7Ilaria Cacciamani
8Andrea Filler
12Amanda Fama
14Giulia Longhi
15Elisa Cecchetti
18Greta Cecchetti
19Marta Gasparotto
20Erika Piancastelli
21Laura Vigna
22Andrea Howard
23Beatrice Ricchi
26Emily Carosone
27Giulia Koutsoyanopulos
4Fabrizia Marrone
CoachFederico Pizzolini
CoachFederico Pizzolini


Date21 – 26 July 2021
FormatRound-robin pool, with the top two teams progressing to medal round..
1United StatesUSA50109-2Q
Game #121 Jul 9:00JapanJPN8 – 1AustraliaAUS5-inning mercy rule
Game #221 Jul 12:00United StatesUSA2 – 0ItalyITA
Game #321 Jul 15:00CanadaCAN4 – 0MexicoMEX
Game #422 Jul 9:00United StatesUSA1 – 0CanadaCAN
Game #522 Jul 12:00JapanJPN3 – 2MexicoMEX
Game #622 Jul 15:00AustraliaAUS1 – 0ItalyITA
Game #724 Jul 9:00CanadaCAN7 – 1AustraliaAUS
Game #824 Jul 12:00United StatesUSA2 – 0MexicoMEX
Game #924 Jul 15:00JapanJPN5 – 0ItalyITA
Game #1025 Jul 9:00United StatesUSA2 – 1AustraliaAUS
Game #1125 Jul 12:00JapanJPN1 – 0CanadaCAN
Game #1225 Jul 15:00MexicoMEX5 – 0ItalyITA
Game #1326 Jul 9:00United StatesUSA2 – 1JapanJPN
Game #1426 Jul 12:00CanadaCAN8 – 1ItalyITA6-inning mercy rule
Game #1526 Jul 15:00MexicoMEX4 – 1AustraliaAUS

Final Round

Date27 July 2021
Game 1/227 Jul 20:00JapanJPN2 – 0United StatesUSA
Game 3/427 Jul 13:00CanadaCAN3 – 2MexicoMEX