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Team, Men

Date10 – 13 August 1932
LocationLos Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California / Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades, California
Participants12 from 4 countries
FormatThree rider teams, all three scores to count. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

Five nations had entered the 3-day event, with Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States having the full complement of three riders, while Mexico had two entrants. The competition was held by “passive scoring,” with the team scores made up of the scores of the riders in the individual 3-day event. Only the Netherlands and the United States had three riders finish the individual event, with the United States comfortably winning the gold medal over the Netherlands. The US team won all three phases of the competition, with Japan and Sweden eliminated in the steeplechase and cross-country phase on the second day.

1United StatesUSA5,038.083973.333 (1)3,286.00 (1)779.250 (1)Gold
Earl Thomson Jenny Camp1,811.000300.0001,271.00240.000
Harry Chamberlin Pleasant Smiles1,687.833340.3331,107.50240.000
Eddie Argo Honolulu Tomboy1,539.250333.000907.50299.250
2NetherlandsNED4,689.083856.833 (3)3,144.50 (2)687.750 (2)Silver
Charles Pahud de Mortanges Marcroix1,813.833311.8331,242.00260.000
Karel Schummelketel Duiveltje1,614.500267.5001,105.00242.000
Aernout, Jonkheer van Lennep Henk1,260.750277.500797.50185.750
DNFSwedenSWE904.332 (2)– (DNF)
Clarence, Greve von Rosen, Jr. Sunnyside Maid1,809.416310.6661,241.50
Ernst Hallberg Marokan1,679.333290.3331,129.00
Arne Francke FridolinDNF303.333DNF
DNFJapanJPN712.166 (4)– (DNF)
Morishige Yamamoto Kingo1,609.583257.3331,092.50
Shunzo Kido Kyu GunDNF212.833DNF
Taro Nara SonshinDNF242.000DNF