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Individual, Men

Date12 – 13 August 1936 — 07:00-14:00 (12/8), 07:00 (13/8)
LocationMaifeld, Reichssportfeld, Berlin
Participants29 from 11 countries
FormatPlacement by ordinals, with ties broken by total points.

Dressage is a fully judged event so it was not surprising that Germany won both the gold and silver medals in Berlin. The traditional powers in this discipline had been Sweden and France to this time, but Germany would later become dominant. Gold was won by Heinz Pollay and silver by Friedrich Gerhard, while the bronze went to Austrian Alois Podhajsky. Pollay would return to the Olympics in 1952 and win a bronze medal in team dressage. Fifth-place went to Frenchman André Jousseaumé who had also placed fifth in 1932. He would compete in dressage at the 1948, 1952, and 1956 Olympics, winning individual silver and bronze medals at London in 1948, and Helsinki in 1952, respectively.

1Heinz PollayGERKronos1,760.00Gold
2Friedrich GerhardGERAbsinth1,745.50Silver
3Alois PodhajskyAUTNero1,721.50Bronze
4Gregor AdlercreutzSWETeresina1,675.00
5André JousseauméFRAFavorite1,642.50
6Gérard de BalorreFRADebaucheur1,634.00
7Peder JensenDENHis Excellence1,596.00
8Pierre VersteeghNEDAd Astra1,579.00
9Daniel GilloisFRANicolas1,569.50
10Hermann von Oppeln-BronikowskiGERGimpel1,568.50
11Sven CollianderSWEKal XX1,530.50
12Albert DolleschallAUTInfant1,476.00
13František JandlTCHNestor1,453.00
14Gusztáv PadosHUNFicsur1,424.00
15Folke SandströmSWEPergola1,455.00
16Arthur von PongráczAUTGeorgine1,430.00
17Arthur QvistNORJaspis1,438.00
18László MagasházyHUNTücsök1,415.50
19Gerard le HeuxNEDZonnetje1,422.00
20Eugen JohansenNORSorte Mand1,388.00
21Daniël Camerling HelmoltNEDWodan1,381.00
22Hans MoserSUIRevue1,337.00
23Stanton BabcockUSAOlympic1,330.50
24Matěj PechmanTCHIdeal1,319.00
25Isaac KittsUSAAmerican Lady1,265.00
26Pál KeméryHUNCsintalan1,250.50
27Hiram TuttleUSASi Murray1,233.00
28Bjørn BjørnsethNORInvictus1,224.50
29Otto SchönigerTCHHelios1,254.00