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Team, Men

Date20 February 2014
LocationKompleks Dlya Pryzhkov Na Lyzhakh s Tramplina "Russkiye Gorki", Mountain Cluster, Esto-Sadok
Participants36 from 9 countries

Team Germany had led the jumping on the large hill closely followed by the Austrians and the Norwegians. The relay started with Eric Frenzel in the first leg. After 2 km Austria’s Lukas Klapfer and Norway’s Magnus Moan joined the leading group. These three countries would fight out the medals which was clear after the second leg, when Björn Kircheisen (GER), Håvard Klemetsen (NOR) and Christoph Bieler (AUT) extended the group’s lead to around 1 minute. In the third and the fourth leg none of the leaders could set a deciding attack so the decision came down to the final sprint. It was won by Norway’s Jørgen Graabak, who distanced Germany’s Fabian Rießle by 0.3 seconds, with the bronze medal going to Austria.

PosCompetitorsNOCTime MarginSki Jumping, Large HillCross Country Skiing, 4 × 5 km Relay
1NorwayNOR462.8 (3)46:48.5 (1)Gold
Magnus Moan 114.811:22.9
Håvard Klemetsen 130.211:45.8
Magnus Krog 107.411:42.6
Jørgen Graabak 110.411:57.2
2GermanyGER+0.3481.7 (1)47:13.8 (3)Silver
Eric Frenzel 122.011:48.2
Björn Kircheisen 120.811:45.9
Johannes Rydzek 121.911:42.6
Fabian Rießle 117.011:57.1
3AustriaAUT+3.4476.3 (2)47:09.9 (2)Bronze
Lukas Klapfer 114.811:40.5
Christoph Bieler 126.711:47.1
Berni Gruber 109.511:43.4
Mario Stecher 125.311:58.9
4FranceFRA+1:12.8455.2 (4)47:51.3 (6)
Sébastien Lacroix 108.411:42.2
François Braud 120.011:53.6
Maxime Laheurte 106.312:23.3
Jason Lamy-Chappuis 120.511:52.2
5JapanJPN+1:17.1433.3 (6)47:25.6 (4)
Hideaki Nagai 108.212:00.5
Yusuke Minato 90.211:37.4
Yoshito Watabe 114.012:14.3
Akito Watabe 120.911:33.4
6United StatesUSA+2:21.6397.6 (8)47:43.1 (5)
Bryan Fletcher 97.211:52.6
Todd Lodwick 99.912:37.2
Taylor Fletcher 92.511:38.9
Bill Demong 108.011:34.4
7Czech RepublicCZE+2:22.6440.0 (5)48:40.1 (8)
Pavel Churavý 110.012:15.0
Tomáš Slavík 104.212:19.3
Miroslav Dvořák 111.911:56.2
Tomáš Portyk 113.912:09.6
8ItalyITA+2:51.2383.9 (9)47:54.7 (7)
Lukas Runggaldier 88.712:06.0
Armin Bauer 88.711:44.1
Samuel Costa 106.312:00.9
Alessandro Pittin 100.212:03.7
9Russian FederationRUS+5:36.3426.2 (7)51:35.8 (9)
Yevgeny Klimov 123.713:02.8
Niyaz Nabeyev 105.012:47.8
Ernest Yakhin 96.012:38.3
Ivan Panin 101.513:06.9
DNSFinlandFIN– (DNS)
Janne Ryynänen DNS
Mikke Leinonen DNS
Eetu Vähäsöyrinki DNS
Ilkka Herola DNS