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Singles, One Ball, Open

Date28 June 1900
LocationCercle du Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Participants9 from 1 countries

Nine competitors started of which three were women – Marie Ohier, Jeanne Filleaul-Brohy, and Mme. Després, who was the wife of Andre Després, President of the French Croquet Federation. The format appears to have been an elimination one, with four players advancing to round two, and the top two players advancing to round three. Gaston Aumoitte won the title by defeating Georges Johin in the final round, although Aumoitte was the last player to advance in both the first and second rounds. Johin led the second round and was second in the first round.

1Gaston AumoitteFRAGold
2Georges JohinFRASilver
3Chrétien WaydelichFRABronze
4Al. BlachèreFRA
5Louise Anne Marie DesprésFRA
ACJeanne Filleul-BrohyFRA
ACMarie OhierFRA
ACJacques SautereauFRA
ACMarcel HaëntjensFRA

Round One (28 June 1900)

1Chrétien WaydelichFRA11
2Georges JohinFRA13
3Al. BlachèreFRA17
4Gaston AumoitteFRA19
5Louise Anne Marie DesprésFRA24
DNFJeanne Filleul-BrohyFRA
DNFMarie OhierFRA
DNFJacques SautereauFRA
DNFMarcel HaëntjensFRA

Round Two (28 June 1900)

1Georges JohinFRA16
2Gaston AumoitteFRA18
3Chrétien WaydelichFRA20
4Al. BlachèreFRA22

Round Three (28 June 1900)

1Gaston AumoitteFRA15
2Georges JohinFRA21