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Singles, Two Balls, Open

Date4 – 11 July 1900
LocationCercle du Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Participants8 from 1 countries

This event was held on successive Saturdays, with round one held on 4 July and round two on 11 July. Six competitors definitely competed, but there may have been eight players, with Marcel Haëntjens and Marie Ohier also possibly competing. They were to have played in the first round. Chrétien Waydelich won the title after having placed third in the singles with one ball. The runner-up, Maurice Vignerot, had won the handicap croquet event in 1900.

1Chrétien WaydelichFRAGold
2Maurice VignerotFRASilver
3Jacques SautereauFRABronze
4Al. BlachèreFRA
=5Louise Anne Marie DesprésFRA
=5Jeanne Filleul-BrohyFRA
ACMarcel HaëntjensFRA
ACMarie OhierFRA

Round One (4 – 11 July 1900)

Match #1 Maurice VignerotFRA 2 – 0Louise Anne Marie DesprésFRA
Match #2 Jacques SautereauFRA 2 – 0Al. BlachèreFRA
Match #3 Chrétien WaydelichFRA Jeanne Filleul-BrohyFRA
Match #4 1 Marcel HaëntjensFRA 2Marie OhierFRA

Round Two (11 July 1900)

Match #1 Jacques SautereauFRA Al. BlachèreFRA
Match #2 Maurice VignerotFRA 2 – 0Al. BlachèreFRA
Match #3 Maurice VignerotFRA 2 – 1Jacques SautereauFRA
Match #4 Chrétien WaydelichFRA Jacques SautereauFRA
Match #5 Chrétien WaydelichFRA Al. BlachèreFRA
Match #6 Chrétien WaydelichFRA 2 – 1Maurice VignerotFRA