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Target Archery, 50 metres, Team, Men

Date4 – 5 August 1920
LocationNachtegalenpark, Antwerpen
Participants16 from 2 countries

At 50 metres the target was 72 centimetres in diameter, with the 9-ring, the top scoring ring, being 20 centimetres in diameter. The other scoring rings, 7-5-3-2-1, were 10 centimetres in diameter. Each team consisted of eight archers with two reserves allowed, with all scores counting towards the team total. Each competitor shot 30 arrows on the first day (4 August) and 30 arrows on the second day (5 August). Thus a perfect individual score was 540, and a perfect team score was 4,320.

Hubert Van Innis404
Pierre Van Thielt368
Edmond De Knibber362
Louis Van Beeck361
Louis Fierens350
Alphonse Allaert
Louis Delcon
Jérôme De Mayer
Julien Brulé380
Pascal Fauvel365
Léonce Quentin350
Eugène Grisot311
Eugène Richez
Paul Leroy
Arthur Mabillon
Léon Epin