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Singles, Women

Date1 – 4 July 1912
LocationÖstermalms Idrottsplats, Stockholm
Participants8 from 4 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

The top players in the world were Britain’s Dorothea Lambert Chambers, Wimbledon champion in 1903-04, 1906, 1910-11, and 1913-14, and the United States’ Margaret Browne, U.S. Champion in 1912-14. But neither was present at Stockholm. The title went to France’s Marguerite Broquedis, who would win the French championship in 1913 and 1914. She defeated Germany’s Dora Köring in the final, who was probably the top player at Stockholm. Köring was German champion in 1912 and 1913.

The bronze medalist, however, Molla Bjurstedt, would become the best known player among the women at Stockholm. After emigrating to the United States in 1914, she won the U.S. championship in 1915, 1918, 1920-22, and 1926. She was the only woman to defeat Suzanne Lenglen in singles after World War I, this occurring at the 1921 U.S. Championships.

1Marguerite BroquedisFRAGold
2Dora KöringGERSilver
3Molla BjurstedtNORBronze
4Edith ArnheimSWE
=5Annie HolmströmSWE
=5Margareta CederschiöldSWE
=7Sigrid FickSWE
=7Ellen BrusewitzSWE
DNSValborg BjurstedtNOR
DNSGertrud KaminskiGER
DNSMieken RieckGER
DNSJosefine von LobkowitzBOH

Round One

Date1 July 1912 — 9:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
Match #101 JulAnnie HolmströmSWEbye
Match #201 JulEdith ArnheimSWEbye
Match #301 Jul 9:00Dora KöringGER7-5, 6-3Sigrid FickSWE
Match #401 Jul
Match #501 Jul 9:00Margareta CederschiöldSWE8-6, 8-6Ellen BrusewitzSWE
Match #601 JulMarguerite BroquedisFRAJosefine von LobkowitzBOHwalkover
Match #701 JulMolla BjurstedtNORbye
Match #8Gertrud KaminskiGERbye


Date3 July 1912
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #103 Jul 9:00Edith ArnheimSWE4-6, 6-4, 6-1Annie HolmströmSWE
Match #203 JulDora KöringGERValborg BjurstedtNORwalkover
Match #303 Jul 10:00Marguerite BroquedisFRA6-1, 6-4Margareta CederschiöldSWE
Match #403 JulMolla BjurstedtNORGertrud KaminskiGERwalkover


Date3 July 1912
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final.
Match #103 Jul 15:00Dora KöringGER6-4, 6-3Edith ArnheimSWE
Match #203 Jul 14:00Marguerite BroquedisFRA6-3, 2-6, 6-4Molla BjurstedtNOR

Final Round

Date4 July 1912
Match 1/204 Jul 15:15Marguerite BroquedisFRA4-6, 6-3, 6-4Dora KöringGER
Match 3/404 Jul 11:00Molla BjurstedtNOR6-2, 6-2Edith ArnheimSWE