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1 mile Freestyle, Men

Date 6 September 1904
LocationLife Saving Exhibition Lake, Forest Park, St. Louis
Participants7 from 3 countries
FormatFinal only.

There were seven swimmers in the mile swim, with four countries represented, which was almost unheard of for any event of the 1904 Olympics. For the first half of the race the swimmers contented themselves with a steady even pace and nobody took a significant lead. Near the end, Géza Kiss (HUN) and Emil Rausch (GER) pulled away from the other competitors. Rausch easily then distanced himself from Kiss and won the race with a margin described in the papers as 65 feet and listed in some results as one minute and 10 seconds.

1Emil RauschGER27:18.2Gold
2Géza KissHUN28:28.2Silver
3Frank GaileyUSA28:54.0Bronze
4Otto WahleUSA
DNFJohn MeyersUSA
DNFLou HandleyUSA
DNFEdgar AdamsUSA
DNSBudd GoodwinUSA
DNSGeorge Van CleafUSA
DNSDavid BrattonUSA
DNSArthur C. MeyersUSA