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100 yards Backstroke, Men

Date 6 September 1904
LocationLife Saving Exhibition Lake, Forest Park, St. Louis
Participants6 from 2 countries
FormatFinal only.

The 100-yard backstroke was contested by six swimmers, three American and three Germans. The Americans were no contest at all for the Germans who dominated the backstroke and breaststroke events in this era. The Germans swept the medals, led by Walter Brack who finished in 1:16.8 followed by Georg Hoffmann, and Georg Zacharias.

1Walter BrackGER1:16.8Gold
2Georg HoffmannGERSilver
3Georg ZachariasGERBronze
4Bill OrthweinUSA
ACEdwin SwatekUSA
ACDavid HammondUSA
DNSCharlie DanielsUSA
DNSWilliam LoehdeUSA
DNSJohn SmithUSA
DNSAllen WhitmoreUSA