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4 x 50 yards Freestyle Relay, Men

Date 7 September 1904
LocationLife Saving Exhibition Lake, Forest Park, St. Louis
Participants16 from 1 countries
FormatFinal only.

Similar to the controversy that occurred in the 1904 water polo event, a German team attempted to enter the freestyle relay. The American teams protested this, stating that the German team was not all from the same club, but in fact constituted an all-star team. The judges upheld the American protest and disqualified the Germans. After the meet was over, some Americans offered to choose their own all-star team and play a single match against Germany, but they refused. Because of this ruling against Germany, there is some justification to not consider this an Olympic event, but it is still recognized by the IOC.

Four teams eventually competed: two from the New York Athletic Club, one from the Chicago Athletic Association, and one from the Missouri Athletic Club. The #1 team from the New York AC won easily.

PosLaneSwimmerNOCTimeExchange (Pos)
1New York Athletic Club #1USA2:04.6Gold
Joe Ruddy– (–)
Budd Goodwin– (–)
Lou Handley– (–)
Charlie Daniels– (–)
2Chicago Athletic AssociationUSASilver
David Hammond– (–)
Bill Tuttle– (–)
Hugo Goetz– (–)
Ray Thorne– (–)
3Missouri Athletic ClubUSABronze
Amedee Reyburn– (–)
Gwynne Evans– (–)
Marquard Schwarz– (–)
Bill Orthwein– (–)
4New York Athletic Club #2USA
Edgar Adams– (–)
David Bratton– (–)
George Van Cleaf– (–)
David Hesser– (–)
Walter Brack (DNS)– (–)
Georg Hoffmann (DNS)– (–)
Emil Rausch (DNS)– (–)
Georg Zacharias (DNS)– (–)