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Standing Triple Jump, Men

Date16 July 1900
LocationCroix Catelan, Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Participants10 from 4 countries
FormatFinal only.

Ray Ewry won the first of his two consecutive gold medals in the standing triple jump, with a mark of 10.58 metres (34-8½). Ewry also won standing jump gold medals in Paris in the standing high jump and standing long jump. He would finish his Olympic career with 10 gold medals, including the 1906 Intercalated Olympics in Athinai, and was never defeated at the Olympics. The standing triple jump was contested again at St. Louis in 1904 but was then discontinued at the Olympics. American Irv Baxter won the silver medal as he had done in the standing high jump and long jump.

Though now termed the standing triple jump, in this era the event was usually called the hop, step, and jump. However, the rules, and the techniques used, varied greatly at this time. Recent research by members of the Association of Track & Field Statisticians (ATFS), strongly suggest that Ewry, at the least, used three standing jumps in this competition rather than any continuous hop, step, or jump combination.

1Ray EwryUSA10.58Gold
2Irv BaxterUSA9.95Silver
3Bob GarrettUSA9.50Bronze
4Lewis SheldonUSA9.45
ACFrank JarvisUSA
ACJohn McLeanUSA
ACDaniel HortonUSA
ACKarl Gustaf StaafSWE
ACWaldemar SteffenGER
ACPál KoppánHUN
DNSArpád DanosHUN
DNSVáclav NovýBOH
DNSEric LemmingSWE
DNSJames B. ConnollyUSA
DNSMeyer PrinsteinUSA