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Épée, Masters, Individual, Men

Date11 – 14 June 1900
LocationJardin des Tuileries, Paris
Participants42 from 4 countries

Fencing masters events were contested among teaching professionals, and fencing was the only sport that allowed professionals in the early days of the Olympics. This event was only on the Olympic Program in 1900 and 1906. There are 42 known competitors, out of the 90 entries, but 12 fencers’ names cannot be found in 1900 sources. There were four nations represented, but most of the fencers were French. However, there was one fencer from Haiti, Léon Thiércelin. There were nine round-robin pools in the first round, with the top two in each pool moving onto the three semi-finals pools. The top three in each semi-final qualified for the final, which was a round-robin of nine fencers. Details of the final matches are not available but the medals were swept by France, with Albert Ayat winning the gold medal, Gilbert Bougnol the silver, and Henri Laurent bronze. The top four competitors in this event were eligible for an épée event among masters and amateurs, also including the top four in the amateur épée. Ayat would also win that event.

1Albert AyatFRAGold
2Gilbert BougnolFRASilver
3Henri LaurentFRABronze
4Hippolyte-Jacques HyvernaudFRA
5Marie-Louis DamotteFRA
6Edmond BrassartFRA
7Sylvain LézardFRA
8Georges JourdanFRA
9Georges-Louis BézyFRA
AC p1 r2/3Henri PantinFRA
AC p1 r2/3Jean JeanvoixFRA
AC p1 r2/3 AufortFRA
AC p2 r2/3Félix AyatFRA
AC p2 r2/3Jean MichelFRA
AC p2 r2/3Louis HallerFRA
AC p3 r2/3Charles ClappierFRA
AC p3 r2/3 LézardFRA
AC p3 r2/3Henri YvonFRA
AC p1 r1/3 DesprésFRA
AC p1 r1/3Alfred NauFRA
AC p1 r1/3 DebrinayFRA
AC p1 r1/3Antonius van NieuwenhuizenNED
AC p2 r1/3 AsséFRA
AC p2 r1/3Francis SabourinFRA
AC p2 r1/3Joseph-Auguste MétaisFRA
AC p2 r1/3 FlahautFRA
AC p3 r1/3Léon ThiércelinHAI
AC p3 r1/3 RoquaisFRA
AC p3 r1/3 SurzerFRA
AC p3 r1/3 BormelFRA
AC p4 r1/3Charles MartyFRA
AC p4 r1/3 CéréFRA
AC p4 r1/3Élie DufraisseFRA
AC p4 r1/3Louis GarnotyFRA
AC p5 r1/3Jean LafoucrièreFRA
AC p5 r1/3Louis NégrouFRA
AC p5 r1/3Charles CléryFRA
AC p5 r1/3Constant DulauFRA
AC p6 r1/3Emmanuel AndrieuFRA
AC p6 r1/3Xavier AnchettiFRA
AC p6 r1/3 LaunayFRA
AC p6 r1/3Márton EndrédyHUN

Round 1 (11 – 12 June 1900)

Top two finishers in each pool advanced to semi-finals.

Pool 1

1 AufortFRAQ
2 LézardFRAQ
AC DesprésFRA
ACAlfred NauFRA
AC DebrinayFRA
ACAntonius van NieuwenhuizenNED

Pool 2

1Henri PantinFRAQ
2Louis HallerFRAQ
ACFrancis SabourinFRA
ACJoseph-Auguste MétaisFRA
AC FlahautFRA

Pool 3

1Georges JourdanFRAQ
2Jean JeanvoixFRAQ
ACLéon ThiércelinHAI
AC RoquaisFRA
AC SurzerFRA
AC BormelFRA

Pool 4

1Edmond BrassartFRAQ
2Sylvain LézardFRAQ
ACCharles MartyFRA
ACÉlie DufraisseFRA
ACLouis GarnotyFRA

Pool 5

1Gilbert BougnolFRAQ
2Hippolyte-Jacques HyvernaudFRAQ
ACJean LafoucrièreFRA
ACLouis NégrouFRA
ACCharles CléryFRA
ACConstant DulauFRA

Pool 6

1Jean MichelFRAQ
2Félix AyatFRAQ
ACEmmanuel AndrieuFRA
ACXavier AnchettiFRA
AC LaunayFRA
ACMárton EndrédyHUN

Pool 7

1Albert AyatFRAQ
2Henri LaurentFRAQ

Pool 8

1Marie-Louis DamotteFRAQ
2Henri YvonFRAQ

Pool 9

1Georges-Louis BézyFRAQ
2Charles ClappierFRAQ

Semi-Finals (13 June 1900)

Top three finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

1Georges JourdanFRAQ
2Sylvain LézardFRAQ
3Marie-Louis DamotteFRAQ
ACHenri PantinFRA
ACJean JeanvoixFRA
AC AufortFRA

Pool 2

1Gilbert BougnolFRAQ
2Edmond BrassartFRAQ
3Hippolyte-Jacques HyvernaudFRAQ
ACFélix AyatFRA
ACJean MichelFRA
ACLouis HallerFRA

Pool 3

1Albert AyatFRAQ
2Henri LaurentFRAQ
3Georges-Louis BézyFRAQ
ACCharles ClappierFRA
AC LézardFRA
ACHenri YvonFRA

Final Pool (14 June 1900)

1Albert AyatFRA
2Gilbert BougnolFRA
3Henri LaurentFRA
4Hippolyte-Jacques HyvernaudFRA
5Marie-Louis DamotteFRA
6Edmond BrassartFRA
7Sylvain LézardFRA
8Georges JourdanFRA
9Georges-Louis BézyFRA