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Épée, Individual, Men

Date1 – 14 June 1900
LocationJardin des Tuileries, Paris
Participants103 from 11 countries

This was the most popular fencing event in 1900 with 103 competitors from 11 nations. It required four rounds of round-robin elimination pools, with three semi-finals advancing the top three from each pool to a final pool of nine fencers. Although most of the fencers were French, the title went to Cuban Ramón Fonst, who had grown up in France. He would also win this event at the 1904 Olympics, and competed again at the 1924 Olympics.

The final came down to Fonst and Louis Perrée, who tied with two touches received, or effectively, having lost two bouts. They met in a barrage for the title. Perrée appeared to have won, by touching Fonst’s shoulder in the one-touch bout, but the jury ruled that the point had missed and contact had been made with the side of blade rather than its point and so the match went on. Fonst then appeared to have touched Perrée but the jury again disagreed. Perrée finally made an attack but Fonst avoided it and countered to touch Perrée to win the barrage and the event.

1Ramón FonstCUBGold
2Louis PerréeFRASilver
3Léon SéeFRABronze
4Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRA
5Francisco CametARG
6Edmond WallaceFRA
7Gaston AlibertFRA
8Léon ThiébautFRA
9Henri PlommetFRA
AC p1 r3/4Joseph-Marie RoséFRA
AC p1 r3/4Jacques HolzschuchFRA
AC p1 r3/4Élie, Count de LastoursFRA
AC p2 r3/4Jules de PradelFRA
AC p2 r3/4Maurice BoisdonFRA
AC p2 r3/4Jean DreyfusFRA
AC p3 r3/4Richard WallaceFRA
AC p3 r3/4Alexandre GuillemandFRA
AC p3 r3/4Marcel LévyFRA
AC p1 r2/4Jean-André HilleretFRA
AC p1 r2/4Alphonse MoquetFRA
AC p1 r2/4Jules RoffeFRA
AC p2 r2/4Josiah BowdenGBR
AC p3 r2/4Raoul BideauFRA
AC p3 r2/4Henri Hébrard de VilleneuveFRA
AC p3 r2/4Tony SmetBEL
AC p4 r2/4H. Georges BergerFRA
AC p4 r2/4Giuseppe GiuratoITA
AC p4 r2/4Firidun MalkomIRI
AC p5 r2/4Henri Jean DébutFRA
AC p5 r2/4Adrien GuyonFRA
AC p5 r2/4Édouard FouchierFRA
1 p6 r1/4Jean-Joseph RenaudFRA1
1 p9 r1/4André-Marie RabelFRA2
2 p10 r1/4Maurice JayFRA3
3 p4 r1/4Willy SulzbacherFRA
3 p7 r1/4LarivièreFRA
3 p12 r1/4DucreuilFRA
AC p1 r1/4LuquetasFRA
AC p1 r1/4André TintantFRA
AC p1 r1/4MossoFRA
AC p2 r1/4GardièsFRA
AC p2 r1/4HérissonFRA
AC p2 r1/4Ivan IvanovitchFRA
AC p2 r1/4Jacques de la ChevalerieFRA
AC p3 r1/4Max RodriguesFRA
AC p3 r1/4Pierre d'HuguesFRA
AC p3 r1/4MoreilFRA
AC p3 r1/4VèveFRA
AC p4 r1/4Pierre ThomegeuxFRA
AC p4 r1/4BazinFRA
AC p4 r1/4Maurice FleuryFRA
AC p5 r1/4Achille MorinFRA
AC p5 r1/4Olivier CollariniITA
AC p5 r1/4MasséFRA
AC p5 r1/4E. GradFRA
AC p6 r1/4Laurent de ChampeauxFRA
AC p6 r1/4Charles LoizillonFRA
AC p6 r1/4de SegonzacFRA
AC p6 r1/4SalvanahacFRA
AC p7 r1/4Robert MarcFRA
AC p7 r1/4Jean TailleferFRA
AC p7 r1/4AdamFRA
AC p8 r1/4Ivan, Viscount d'OyleyUSA
AC p8 r1/4Georges LeroyFRA
AC p8 r1/4MillerFRA
AC p8 r1/4Viscount de LasticFRA
AC p9 r1/4Joseph SénatFRA
AC p9 r1/4de LagardièreFRA
AC p9 r1/4Joseph, Prince de Caraman-ChimayFRA
AC p9 r1/4Georges RedeuilFRA
AC p10 r1/4André de RomillyFRA
AC p10 r1/4Adjutant LemoineFRA
AC p10 r1/4Henri de LabordeFRA
AC p10 r1/4Charles Newton RobinsonGBR
AC p11 r1/4Albert CahenFRA
AC p11 r1/4Clément de BoissièreFRA
AC p11 r1/4de TournableFRA
AC p11 r1/4FernandèsFRA
AC p12 r1/4CostiescoFRA
AC p12 r1/4AndreacFRA
AC p12 r1/4Paul RobertSUI
AC p13 r1/4Carlos de CandamoPER
AC p13 r1/4Mauricio, Duke de GorESP
AC p13 r1/4Joseph RodriguesFRA
AC p13 r1/4de MeuseFRA
AC p14 r1/4ProsperFRA
AC p14 r1/4Pierre RosenbaumFRA
AC p14 r1/4de CazeneuveFRA
AC p14 r1/4de PradinesFRA
AC p14 r1/4René Jules Thion de la ChaumeFRA
AC p15 r1/4Louis BastienFRA
AC p15 r1/4PéborayFRA
AC p15 r1/4Stan FrançoisFRA
AC p15 r1/4PreurotFRA
AC p16 r1/4Giunio FedreghiniITA
AC p16 r1/4FichotFRA
AC p16 r1/4DuclotFRA
AC p16 r1/4Gaston AchilleFRA
AC p16 r1/4WeberFRA
AC p17 r1/4A. LafontaineFRA
AC p17 r1/4de VarsFRA
AC p17 r1/4DelpratFRA
AC p17 r1/4Adolphe ThomegeuxFRA

Round One (1 – 6 June 1900)

Top two in each pool advanced to the quarter-finals.

Pool One (1 June 1900)

1Joseph-Marie RoséFRAQ
2Élie, Count de LastoursFRAQ
ACH. Georges BergerFRA
ACAndré TintantFRA

Pool Two (1 June 1900)

1Jules de PradelFRAQ
2Jean DreyfusFRAQ
ACIvan IvanovitchFRA
ACJacques de la ChevalerieFRA

Pool Three (1 June 1900)

1Jules RoffeFRAQ
2Édouard FouchierFRAQ
ACMax RodriguesFRA
ACPierre d'HuguesFRA

Pool Four (1 June 1900)

1Ramón FonstCUBQ
2Edmond WallaceFRAQ
3Willy SulzbacherFRA
ACPierre ThomegeuxFRA
ACMaurice FleuryFRA

Pool Five

1Gaston AlibertFRAQ
2Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRAQ
ACAchille MorinFRA
ACOlivier CollariniITA

Pool Six

1Jean-Joseph RenaudFRAQ
2Maurice BoisdonFRAQ
ACLaurent de ChampeauxFRA
ACCharles LoizillonFRA
ACde SegonzacFRA

Pool Seven

1Henri PlommetFRAQ
2Léon ThiébautFRAQ
ACRobert MarcFRA
ACJean TailleferFRA

Pool Eight

1André-Marie RabelFRAQ
2Josiah BowdenGBRQ
ACIvan, Viscount d'OyleyUSA
ACGeorges LeroyFRA
ACViscount de LasticFRA

Pool Nine

1Richard WallaceFRAQ
2Firidun MalkomIRIQ
ACJoseph SénatFRA
ACde LagardièreFRA
ACJoseph, Prince de Caraman-ChimayFRA
ACGeorges RedeuilFRA

Pool Ten

1Marcel LévyFRAQ
2Maurice JayFRAQ
ACAndré de RomillyFRA
ACAdjutant LemoineFRA
ACHenri de LabordeFRA
ACCharles Newton RobinsonGBR

Pool Eleven

1Giuseppe GiuratoITAQ
2Raoul BideauFRAQ
ACAlbert CahenFRA
ACClément de BoissièreFRA
ACde TournableFRA

Pool Twelve

1Alexandre GuillemandFRAQ
2Jacques HolzschuchFRAQ
ACPaul RobertSUI

Pool Thirteen (6 June 1900)

1Léon SéeFRAQ
2Francisco CametARGQ
ACCarlos de CandamoPER
ACMauricio, Duke de GorESP
ACJoseph RodriguesFRA
ACde MeuseFRA

Pool Fourteen (6 June 1900)

1Henri Hébrard de VilleneuveFRAQ
2Alphonse MoquetFRAQ
ACPierre RosenbaumFRA
ACde CazeneuveFRA
ACde PradinesFRA
ACRené Jules Thion de la ChaumeFRA

Pool Fifteen (6 June 1900)

1Louis PerréeFRAQ
2H. Georges BergerFRAQ
ACLouis BastienFRA
ACStan FrançoisFRA

Pool Sixteen (6 June 1900)

1Tony SmetBELQ
2Henri Jean DébutFRAQ
ACGiunio FedreghiniITA
ACGaston AchilleFRA

Pool Seventeen (6 June 1900)

1Adrien GuyonFRAQ
2Jean-André HilleretFRAQ
ACA. LafontaineFRA
ACde VarsFRA
ACAdolphe ThomegeuxFRA

Quarter-Finals (7 – 9 June 1900 — 9:00)

Top three in each pool advance to the semi-finals.

Pool One

1Jean DreyfusFRAQ
2Henri PlommetFRAQ
3Marcel LévyFRAQ
ACJean-André HilleretFRA
ACAlphonse MoquetFRA
ACJules RoffeFRA

Pool Two

1Richard WallaceFRAQ
2Élie, Count de LastoursFRAQ
3Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRAQ
ACJosiah BowdenGBR
ACAlexandre GuillemandFRA
ACLéon ThiébautFRA

Pool Three

1Edmond WallaceFRAQ
2Francisco CametARGQ
3Jules de PradelFRAQ
ACRaoul BideauFRA
ACHenri Hébrard de VilleneuveFRA
ACTony SmetBEL

Pool Four

1Gaston AlibertFRAQ
2Léon SéeFRAQ
3Ramón FonstCUBQ
ACH. Georges BergerFRA
ACGiuseppe GiuratoITA
ACFiridun MalkomIRI

Pool Five

1Maurice BoisdonFRAQ
2Louis PerréeFRAQ
3Joseph-Marie RoséFRAQ
ACHenri Jean DébutFRA
ACAdrien GuyonFRA
ACÉdouard FouchierFRA

Pool Six

1Jacques HolzschuchFRAQ
2Léon ThiébautFRAQ
3Alexandre GuillemandFRAQ

Semi-Finals (10 June 1900)

Top three in each pool advance to the finals.

Pool One

1Gaston AlibertFRAQ
2Henri PlommetFRAQ
3Léon SéeFRAQ
ACJoseph-Marie RoséFRA
ACJacques HolzschuchFRA
ACÉlie, Count de LastoursFRA

Pool Two

1Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRAQ
2Louis PerréeFRAQ
3Francisco CametARGQ
ACJules de PradelFRA
ACMaurice BoisdonFRA
ACJean DreyfusFRA

Pool Three

1Léon ThiébautFRAQ
2Edmond WallaceFRAQ
3Ramón FonstCUBQ
ACRichard WallaceFRA
ACAlexandre GuillemandFRA
ACMarcel LévyFRA

Final Pool (13 – 14 June 1900)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Ramón FonstCUB42
2Louis PerréeFRA41
3Léon SéeFRA32
4Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRA33
5Francisco CametARG23
6Edmond WallaceFRA24
7Gaston AlibertFRA23
8Léon ThiébautFRA24
9Henri PlommetFRA06