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1-2 Ton Race One, Open

Date22 May 1900 — 13:10
LocationCercle de la Voile de Paris, Meulan
Participants18 from 2 countries
Format19 km.

After a break of one day after the opening Concours d’Honneur, the Olympic regatta continued with the first races for the less than ½ ton, 1-2 tons and 2-3 tons classes. As was the case with the Concours d’Honneur, the competing yachts in these three events engaged in what was effectively a mass-start with only a brief interval between the starting time for each yacht.

Six yachts entered Race One of the 1-2 ton class over a course of 19 km course, which consisted of one long and two short rounds). A maximum of four crew members were allowed. The winner was the only foreign yacht, the “Lerina” from Switzerland. The crew consisted of the Count and Countess de Pourtalès and their nephew Bernard. At the helm of the second placed boat “Martha” was François Vilamitjana, a French sailor of Spanish descent. While the distance between the first and second placed yachts was only 2 minutes, the third placed “Nina Claire” – also from France – was more than 9 minutes behind “Martha.”

Hermann, Count de PourtalèsHélène, Countess de PourtalèsBernard, Count de Pourtalès
François VilamitjanaCharles HugoAuguste AlbertAlbert Duval
3Nina ClaireFRA2-26:282-00:4225:46Bronze
Jacques BaudrierLucien BaudrierÉdouard Mantois Dubosq
Eugène LaverneHenri Laverne
Marcel Moisand
Georges Warenhorst
Texier I Texier II