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Unknown Event, Open

Date30 July – 14 August 1932
LocationLos Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, Los Angeles, California
Participants14 from 12 countries

For fifteen 1932 artists, it is unknown in which of the events or even disciplines they were entered. Some of them were known as painters or sculptors, but details about their entries are missing.

ACJuan GavazzoARGLa Chassehors concours1
ACJuan GavazzoARGLa Pechehors concours2
ACJosé OrozcoMEXAthlete Restinghors concours3
ACÁngel ZárragaMEXThree Soccer Playershors concours
ACJulio BerrocalPERHunting Condorhors concours
ACElie Cristo-LoveanuROUPortrait of Thomas Hitchcockhors concours4
ACElie Cristo-LoveanuROUPortrait of Miss Foxhors concours5
ACPedro de MatheuESADiscobolehors concours6
ACPedro de MatheuESAAthlete at Resthors concours7
ACPedro de MatheuESADiverhors concours8
ACPedro de MatheuESAJavelin Throwerhors concours9
ACPedro FigariURUBull Fighthors concours10
ACPedro FigariURUGoing to Raceshors concours11
ACPedro FigariURUTravelinghors concours12
ACPedro FigariURUAmazonhors concours13
ACPedro FigariURUCountry Raceshors concours14
ACAlberto EgeaVENThe Divershors concours
ACMaia Wiig-HansenNORClubroom for Sportsmenhors concours
ACHans SwanseeSUIFencerhors concours15
ACRamón de ZubiaurreESPSailors of Ondorroahors concours16
ACKiril ShivarovBULJoueur au Ballonhors concours
ACGeorgi KarakashevBULSports Posterhors concours
ACMehmet SaıpTURSailinghors concours
ACMehmet SaıpTURFootballhors concours