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800 metres, Handicap, Men

Date19 July 1900
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationCroix Catelan, Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Participants13 from 4 countries

Four round one heats advanced the top two finishers in each to an eight-man final. The top runners in the final were Britain’s Charles Bennett, who went off scratch, and American John Cregan, given only a 5-metre start. Denmark’s Christian Christensen was given 70 metres, however, and it was too much for the field as he won going away. The Field noted, “A cheerful comment on allotting ridiculously long starters to strangers.” Christensen also finished second in the 1,500 metre handicap event.

1Christian ChristensenDEN
2Howard HayesUSA
3Harvey LordUSA
4Alexandre AvéFRA
5Edward MechlingUSA
AC r2/2John CreganUSA
AC r2/2Charles BennettGBR
AC r2/2Dave HallUSA
3 h2 r1/2Edmond FiliâtreFRA
3 h3 r1/2Walter DrumhellerUSA
4 h3 r1/2Maurice SalomezFRA
AC h4 r1/2Edward BushnellUSA
AC h4 r1/2André LemonnierFRA

Round One (19 July 1900)

Winners and runners-up of each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Howard HayesUSAQ
2Harvey LordUSAQ

Heat Two

1John CreganUSA1:59.25 mQ
2Charles BennettGBRat 5 metresscratchQ
3Edmond FiliâtreFRA60 m

Heat Three

1Christian ChristensenDENno time70 mQ
2Edward MechlingUSAeasy win25 mQ
3Walter DrumhellerUSA30 m
4Maurice SalomezFRA40 m

Heat Four

1Dave HallUSA2:00.812 mQ
2Alexandre AvéFRAvirtual walkover40 mQ
ACEdward BushnellUSA25 m
ACAndré LemonnierFRA50 m

Final Round (19 July 1900)

1Christian ChristensenDEN1:52.070 m
2Howard HayesUSAat 10 metres45 m
3Harvey LordUSAat 5 metres35 m
4Alexandre AvéFRAat 5 metres40 m
5Edward MechlingUSA25 m
ACJohn CreganUSA5 m
ACCharles BennettGBRscratch
ACDave HallUSA12 m