US Métro, Paris (FRA)

Affiliation ID 2560
Full name Union sportive métropolitane des transports
Short name US Métro
Place Paris (FRA)

Founded 1928. The rugby section merged with the rugby section of Racing CF to become Racing Métro 92 in 2001.

Athletes (41)

Édouard Artigas FRA FEN Olympics 1948
Azza Besbes TUN FEN Olympics 2008—2016
Pierre Blondiaux FRA ROW Olympics 1952
Philippe Bobin FRA ATH Olympics 1976
Robert Bobin FRA ATH Olympics 1948
Marcel Boigegrain FRA ROW Olympics 1948
Didier Boubé FRA MPN Olympics 1984
Marc Bouissou FRA ROW Olympics 1952
Pierre Canavèse FRA SWM Olympics 1964
Jean-Philippe Daurelle FRA FEN Olympics 1992—1996
Alioune Diouf SEN WRE Olympics 1992—2000
Rolland Étienne FRA BKB Olympics 1936
Louis François FRA WRE Olympics 1932
Hugues Frayer FRA ATH Olympics 1948—1952
Roger Gautier FRA ROW Olympics 1952
Gilles Gémise-Fareau FRA ATH Olympics 1976
Bruno Génard FRA MPN Olympics 1988
Christophe Guénot FRA WRE Olympics 2008—2012
Steeve Guénot FRA WRE Olympics 2008—2012
Guy Guillabert FRA ROW Olympics 1956
Sébastien Hidalgo FRA WRE Olympics 2008
René Josset FRA ATH Olympics 1948
Charles Kouyos FRA WRE Olympics 1948—1952
Yannick Lavigne FRA CSP Olympics 2004
Alcide Legrand FRA WRE Olympics 1992
Marc Litaudon FRA ATH Olympics 1948
Réno Lotti FRA ROW Olympics 1948
Gérald Maquat FRA ROW Olympics 1948
Nicole Montandon FRA ATH Olympics 1968
Lea Moutoussamy ALG FEN Olympics 2012
Jean-Claude Olry FRA CSL Olympics 1972
Jean-Louis Olry FRA CSL Olympics 1972
Jean-Paul Pieddeloup FRA ROW Olympics 1948
Audrey Prieto-Bokhashvili FRA WRE Olympics 2008
Yves Le Roy FRA ATH Olympics/Non-starter 1972—1976
Gérard Santoro FRA WRE Olympics 1984—1992
Jean-Pierre Souche FRA ROW Olympics 1948—1952
Raymond Suvigny FRA WLF Olympics 1924—1932
Jean Thureau FRA ATH Olympics 1952
André Viala FRA HOC Non-starter 1948
Pierre William FRA ATH Olympics 1960