Mohammed Taher

Biographical information

Full nameMohammed Mustafa Shakib•Taher
Used nameMohammed•Taher
Original nameمحمد مصطفى شكيب•طاهر باشا
Born14 August 1897 in İstanbul, İstanbul (TUR)
Died26 January 1970 in İstanbul, İstanbul (TUR)
NOC Egypt


Mohammed Taher studied in Berlin and Lausanne and then had a career as a doctor statesman. Taher devoted much of his time to the support of sport, however, serving as President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee from 1946-52, leading the national equestrian and fencing federations, and helping bring life to the Mediterranean Games, which were held for the first time in Alexandria in 1951. Taher was particularly interested in aeronautics and was primarily responsible for the gliding demonstrations held at the 1936 Olympics. Domestically, he founded and was first President of the Aero Club of Egypt in 1932, was President of the International Aeronautic Federation from 1934-47, and was a founder of the Egyptian national airline. He also contributed to the building of playing fields and stadiums in Egypt and helped foster the spread of golf, gymnastics, and squash in his country. He also served as president of the nation’s prestigious Al Ahly sporting club from 1940 through 1941.

Taher became an IOC Member in May 1934 and held numerous high posts. He was Chef de Protocol, served on the Executive Board from 1952-56 and was Assistant to President Avery Brundage from 1960-64. In 1950 Taher donated the Mohammed Taher Trophy to the IOC, which was to be given to an amateur athlete who might or might not have competed in the Olympic Games, but whose general career justified an award of special distinction. It was awarded 14 times between 1950-73. Taher later settled in Lausanne because of political problems in Egypt. Although in violation of the Olympic Charter stating IOC Members must be a resident of the nation they represent, the IOC passed a decision at the 1960 Session that three members could violate this policy, although it was not mentioned in the minutes of the meeting, and Taher became the first beneficiary of the ruling.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
Member International Olympic Committee 1934—1968 EGY Mohammed Taher
President Egyptian Olympic Committee 1946—1954 EGY Mohammed Taher
Executive Board Member International Olympic Committee 1952—1957 EGY Mohammed Taher
Honorary International Olympic Committee 1968—1970 EGY Mohammed Taher

Special Notes


Year of birth sometimes seen as 1879