Crete (CRT)



Intercalated Games 8


The island of Crete, nowadays part of Greece, was briefly (1898-1913) a semi-independent republic, following the Greco-Turkish War of 1897. It was part of the Ottoman Empire until it proclaimed its independence on 9 December 1898. Following the Treaty of London Crete was united with Greece on 1 December 1913.

Although there was no official national team at the time, eight Cretan athletes competed in the Intercalated Games of 1906, and they may be considered representatives of this short-lived nation. None of the competitors made a serious impact. Epaminonas Anezakis’s 29th place in the standing long jump was their best result.

Participations by edition

Intercalated Games

Edition As Men Women Total
1906 Intercalated Games Crete 8 0 8 Results

Participations by discipline

Intercalated Games

Discipline (Sport) Men Women Total
Athletics 8 0 8 Results
Shooting 1 0 1 Results