Sport for All Commission [Edit]

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) formed a Sport for All Working Group in 1983, and in 1985 the IOC formed the Mass Sport Commission, which was renamed the Sport for All Commission in 1986. The concept of the availability of Sport for All was a basic tenet of Baron Pierre de Coubertin’s philosophy of Olympism. The concept attempts to provide sport as a human right for all individuals regardless of race, social class, and sex, and encourages the practice of sport by people of all ages, sexes, and social and economic conditions. The current chairman is Sam Ramsamy of South Africa. The commission consists of 13 IOC members, members from both the National Olympic Committees and International Federations, and five independent members. In 1987 the Sport for All Commission developed the concept of an Olympic Day Run, held on 23 June each year (the anniversary of the founding of the IOC at the 1894 Sorbonne Congress). In the early 2010s the Sport for All Commission was renamed the Sport and Active Society Commission.