Coordination Commissions for the Olympic Games [Edit]

In 1985 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) formed the Study and Evaluation Commission for the Preparation of the Olympic Games. The name was changed to the Coordination Commission for the Olympic Games in 1986. The Coordination Commission consists of several sub-commissions at any one time, as each Olympic Games in the planning stage has a sub-commission of the Coordination Commission. For instance, there are current sub-commissions for the Games of the XXXIe Olympiad – Rio de Janeiro 2016; for the XXIIIe Olympic Winter Games - PyeongChang 2018; for the XXXIIe Olympiad - Tokyo 2020; and there are also sub-commissions for the pending Youth Olympic Games.

Each sub-commission has a separate chairman, and with the members representing various entities – media, athletes, television, environment, as well as IOC members. The sub-commissions work closely with their associated Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (OCOG) to help them plan and organize the Olympic Games, and act as liaisons between the IOC, the OCOG, the International Federations (IFs), and the National Olympic Committees (NOCs). The current chairmen of the Coordination Commissions are: Rio de Janeiro 2016 – Nawal El-Moutawakel; PyeongChang 2018 – Gunilla Lindberg; and Tokyo 2020 – John Coates.