Modern Pentathlon at the 1980 Summer Olympics

Dates 20 – 24 July 1980
Medal Events 2

The program consisted of an individual and team event for men, scored by a series of scoring tables for each of the phases. The format was the same as it had been since 1932, with the order of the phases staying the same – riding, fencing, shooting, swimming, and running. The competition was held over five days, with no rest day. For the first time, athletes had to qualify by reaching at least 4,500 points at one of six qualifying tournaments. Several NATO countries did not allow their athletes from the military to compete in Moskva, which notably influenced the Italians, as Daniele Masala, who would win gold in 1984, couldn’t compete.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Individual, Men Olympic 20 – 24 July 1980 43 17
Team, Men Olympic 20 – 24 July 1980 36 12
43 (43/0) 17 (17/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual, Men Anatoly StarostinURS Tamás SzombathelyiHUN Pavel LednyovURS
Team, Men Soviet UnionURS HungaryHUN SwedenSWE

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
Soviet Union URS 2 0 1 3
Hungary HUN 0 2 0 2
Sweden SWE 0 0 1 1