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Team, Men

Date20 – 24 July 1980
LocationKonnosportivny kompleks profsoyuzov, Bittsevsky park, Moskva / Futbolny polya, Legkoatletichesky futbolny kompleks, Moskva / Strelbishche Dynamo, Mytishchi / Plavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants36 from 12 countries
FormatScoring by point tables. Team scores totalled from individual scores. Three-man teams with all scores counting.

The Soviet Union and Hungary were usually the favorites in the team event. But neither had won a World title since Hungary in 1975. Poland was World Champion in 1977 and 1978, and the United States won the 1979 title, but was not in Moskva to compete because of the boycott. In Moskva, Poland performed poorly and would not even win a medal. After the second phase, épée fencing, Hungary moved into a narrow lead over the USSR, and the two had separated themselves from the field. Hungary continued to lead after the shooting. In swimming, Sweden won the phase by a big margin, even though one of their swimmers, George Horvath, cost himself time when he lost his goggles. They moved into second place, only two points behind the Soviet Union going into the run. Hungary had dropped to third. But the Soviet runners won the cross-country phase and the gold medal, as Hungary passed Sweden to garner the silver, with Sweden winning bronze.

1Soviet UnionURS16,126Gold
Anatoly Starostin16,1265,568
Pavel Lednyov16,1265,382
Yevgeny Lipeyev16,1265,176
Tamás Szombathelyi15,9125,502
Tibor Maracskó15,9125,279
László Horváth15,9125,131
Svante Rasmuson15,8455,373
Lennart Pettersson15,8455,243
George Horvath15,8455,229
Janusz Pyciak-Peciak15,6345,268
Jan Olesiński15,6345,219
Marek Bajan15,6345,147
Paul Four15,3455,196
Joël Bouzou15,3455,107
Alain Cortes15,3455,042
Milan Kadlec15,3395,229
Jan Bártů15,3395,158
Bohumil Starnovský15,3394,952
Heikki Hulkkonen15,0875,227
Jussi Pelli15,0875,032
Pekka Santanen15,0874,828
8Great BritainGBR15,062
Danny Nightingale15,0625,168
Peter Whiteside15,0625,085
Nigel Clark15,0624,809
Federico Galera14,6995,001
José Serrano14,6994,887
Manuel Montesinos14,6994,811
Simeon Monev14,5454,915
Nikolay Nikolov14,5454,832
Borislav Batikov14,5454,798
Dumitru Spîrlea14,3905,058
Gyula Galovici14,3904,935
Cezar Răducanu14,3904,397
Jerome Hartigan13,2954,557
Sackville Currie13,2954,377
Mark Hartigan13,2954,361