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Singles, Men

Date27 April – 1 May 1908
LocationQueen's Club, West Kensington
Participants6 from 1 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament

Professional racquets was quite popular in 1908 and the greatest player ever was Britain’s Peter Latham, who had won the championship in 1887 and held it until 1903 when India’s J. Jamsetjhi became the holder. The top amateur player of the era was Max Baerlein, who entered both events, but did not compete in either. Baerlein was British Amateur champion in 1903, 1905, 1908-1911, and 1920-1921. He was also British champion at court tennis (jeu de paume) from 1914-1927 and again in 1929-1930. He had won the 1908 amateur title by defeating Evan Noel in the final and with Baerlein not competing, Noel had a relatively easy time of it, losing only one of 10 games en route to the singles’ final. The singles’ final was not held as Henry Leaf had to scratch because of an injury he had received during the doubles. Noel won one British Amateur championship, that in 1907.

1Evan NoelGBRGold
2Henry LeafGBRSilver
=3Henry BroughamGBRBronze
=3John Jacob AstorGBRBronze
5Vane PennellGBR
6Cecil BrowningGBR
DNSBasil FosterGBR
DNSMax BaerleinGBR
DNSFreddie BrowningGBR
DNSEdmond BuryGBR

Round One

Date27 April 1908
Match #127 Apr Evan NoelGBR18-13, 8-15, 15-8, 15-9Cecil BrowningGBR
Match #227 AprVane PennellGBRbye
Match #327 AprHenry BroughamGBRbye
Match #427 AprEdmond BuryGBRbye
Match #527 AprHenry LeafGBRbye
Match #627 AprFreddie BrowningGBRMax BaerleinGBRwalkover
Match #727 AprJohn Jacob AstorGBRBasil FosterGBRwalkover


Date28 April 1908 — 14:00
Match #128 Apr 14:00Evan NoelGBR15-11, 15-7, 15-5Vane PennellGBR
Match #228 AprHenry BroughamGBREdmond BuryGBRwalkover
Match #328 AprHenry LeafGBRFreddie BrowningGBRwalkover
Match #428 AprJohn Jacob AstorGBRbye


Date29 April 1908 — 14:00
Match #129 AprEvan NoelGBR15-4, 15-12, 15-6Henry BroughamGBR
Match #229 AprHenry LeafGBR15-8, 15-5, 15-4John Jacob AstorGBR


Date1 May 1908
Match 1/201 MayEvan NoelGBRHenry LeafGBRwalkover