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Doubles, Open

Date12 February 2014
LocationTsentr Sannogo Sporta Sanki, Mountain Cluster, Rzhanaya Polyana
Participants38 from 12 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 16
Length: 1384 m
Start Altitude: 829 m
Vertical Drop: 118 m

Given their dominance of the luge events, this was expected to be a contest between the two German pairs, Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt, and their compatriots Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken with the Austrian brothers Wolfgang and Andreas Linger and Latvian siblings Andris and Juris Sics also in contention. The surprise of the first run was the poor performance of Eggert and Benecken, who made an error in their run, and were a disappointing 10th by the end, effectively putting them out of medal contention. In contrast, Wendl and Arlt set a new track record of 49.373 to lead comfortably from the Lingers by 0.312 seconds, with their fellow countrymen Peter Penz and Georg Fischler a further 0.108 seconds behind.

Eggert and Benecken had a better second run, but were too far behind and finished 8th. The Sics brothers had the third best time, moving them from 5th to 3rd place overall. However the top two places remained unaltered, with Wendl and Arlt again setting the fastest time of 49.560 for a combined time of 1:38.933. They finished over half a second ahead of the Linger brothers. Penz and Fischler veered from wall to wall and did exceptionally well to avoid a crash in their second run although sadly, for them, the time they lost caused them to drop from third to nineteenth. The clearly disappointed duo were consoled by their fellow competitors as they left the track.

PosPairNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
1Tobias Wendl / Tobias ArltGER1:38.93349.373 (1)49.560 (1)Gold
2Andreas Linger / Wolfgang LingerAUT1:39.45549.685 (2)49.770 (2)Silver
3Andris Šics / Juris ŠicsLAT1:39.79049.880 (5)49.910 (3)Bronze
4Tristan Walker / Justin SnithCAN1:39.84049.857 (4)49.983 (6)
5Aleksandr Denisyev / Vladislav AntonovRUS1:39.94949.936 (6)50.013 (7)
6Christian Oberstolz / Patrick GruberITA1:40.01949.976 (7)50.043 (8)
7Ludwig Rieder / Patrick RastnerITA1:40.03950.064 (8)49.975 (5)
8Toni Eggert / Sascha BeneckenGER1:40.21850.274 (10)49.944 (4)
9Vladislav Yuzhakov / Vladimir MakhnutinRUS1:40.33750.068 (9)50.269 (10)
10Oskars Gudramovičs / Pēteris KalniņšLAT1:40.46250.388 (12)50.074 (9)
11Christian Niccum / Jayson TerdimanUSA1:40.94550.354 (11)50.591 (13)
12Marián Zemaník / Jozef PetrulákSVK1:40.95750.548 (13)50.409 (12)
13Lukáš Brož / Antonín BrožCZE1:41.05250.665 (15)50.387 (11)
14Matt Mortensen / Preston GriffallUSA1:41.70350.637 (14)51.066 (14)
15Patryk Poręba / Karol MikrutPOL1:42.18051.010 (17)51.170 (15)
16Marek Solčanský / Karol StuchlákSVK1:42.38550.904 (16)51.481 (18)
17Oleksandr Obolonchyk / Roman ZakharkivUKR1:43.02851.795 (19)51.233 (16)
18Park Jin-Yong / Jo Jeong-MyeongKOR1:43.11851.643 (18)51.475 (17)
19Peter Penz / Georg FischlerAUT1:44.04549.793 (3)54.252 (19)