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56-pound Weight Throw, Men

Date20 – 21 August 1920
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants13 from 4 countries

The favorite was Matt McGrath but he had to withdraw after injuring his knee in the hammer throw. The next best throwers were also Irish-Americans, Paddy Ryan and Pat McDonald. They were the class of the field with McDonald winning. Between 1911 and 1928, either McDonald, Ryan, or McGrath won 17 of the 18 AAU Championships, as follows: McDonald – eight titles, McGrath – seven titles, and Ryan – two titles. Pat McDonald was born Pat McDonnell. When his sister landed at Ellis Island, the immigration clerk spelled her name McDonald and, fearing deportation, she said nothing. All her family members who came after her spelled the name in the same manner.

1155Pat McDonaldUSA11.000 (1)11.265 (1)Gold
2229Paddy RyanUSA10.925 (2)10.965 (2)Silver
3599Carl Johan LindSWE10.255 (3)10.255 (3)Bronze
473Archie McDiarmidCAN9.475 (4)10.120 (4)
5625Malcolm SvenssonSWE9.450 (5)9.455 (5)
6279Johan PetterssonFIN9.375 (6)9.375 (6)
7 r1/2230Edward RobertsUSA9.360 (7)
8 r1/2159James McEachernUSA9.290 (8)
9 r1/2274Elmer NiklanderFIN8.865 (9)
10 r1/2280Ville PörhöläFIN8.850 (10)
11 r1/2John McEachernCAN8.845 (11)
12 r1/2600Nils LindeSWE8.635 (12)
13 r1/2602Robert OlssonSWE8.555 (13)
DNS174Matt McGrathUSA– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (20 August 1920 — 9:15)

Top six finishers advanced to the final.

1Pat McDonaldUSA11.000Q
2Paddy RyanUSA10.925Q
3Carl Johan LindSWE10.255Q
4Archie McDiarmidCAN9.475Q
5Malcolm SvenssonSWE9.450Q
6Johan PetterssonFIN9.375Q
7Edward RobertsUSA9.360
8James McEachernUSA9.290
9Elmer NiklanderFIN8.865
10Ville PörhöläFIN8.850
11John McEachernCAN8.845
12Nils LindeSWE8.635
13Robert OlssonSWE8.555
DNSMatt McGrathUSA

Final Round (21 August 1920 — 14:00)

1Pat McDonaldUSA11.265
2Paddy RyanUSA10.965
3Carl Johan LindSWE10.255
4Archie McDiarmidCAN10.120
5Malcolm SvenssonSWE9.455
6Johan PetterssonFIN9.375