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Heavyweight (>72 kilograms), Women

Date 1 October 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJang-chung Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul
Participants7 from 7 countries

The heavy favorite was China’s Gao Fenglian, world champion in the class in 1986-87, and also world champion in 1987 in the open class, in which she defeated famed Belgian Ingrid Berghmans in the final. Gao had a bye in the first round into the semi-finals, where she advanced easily by ippon. In the final she faced Dutch judoka Angelique Seriese, who had been bronze medalist in the class at the 1987 World Championship. The final was close but Seriese won in an upset in a scoreless match by yusei-gachi. She would later win the world title in 1995, and compete at the 1996 Olympics, placing tied for 18th.

1Angelique SerieseNED
2Gao FenglianCHN
=3Margie Castro-GomezUSA
=3Regina SigmundFRG
5Mun Ji-YunKOR
6Maria Teresa MottaITA
7Geraldine DekkerAUS

Round One (1 October 1988)

Match #1 Angelique SerieseNED
Mun Ji-YunKOR
Match #2 Margie Castro-GomezUSA
Ippon (3:20)
Maria Teresa MottaITA
Match #3 Geraldine DekkerAUS
Regina SigmundFRG
Match #4 Gao FenglianCHN bye

Semi-Finals (1 October 1988)

Match #1 Angelique SerieseNED
Margie Castro-GomezUSA
Match #2 Gao FenglianCHN
Ippon (1:29)
Regina SigmundFRG

Repêchage (1 October 1988)

Match #1 Margie Castro-GomezUSA
Mun Ji-YunKOR

Final Round (1 October 1988)

Match 1/2 Angelique SerieseNED
Gao FenglianCHN