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1,500 metres, Women

Date23 February 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationMax Bell Arena, Calgary
Participants31 from 11 countries

At the World Championships in St. Louis (USA), held barely two weeks before the Olympics, Canada’s Sylvie Daigle had claimed the overall title, along with victories in three of the four races (all except the 500 m). But in the preliminary races, attention went to China’s Li Yan, who bettered the world record to 2:34.85. In the final, Daigle and Li battled closely with Monique Velzeboer, winner of the 500 m. The three all ended up on the podium, with Daigle edging out Monique Velzeboer and Li. Sylvie Daigle is one of the all-time stars of short-track speed skating, having won five overall world titles (1979, 1983, 1988-1990).

PosCompetitor(s)NOCFPSPBest Time
1Sylvie DaigleCANA2:37.61
2Monique VelzeboerNEDA2:37.77
3Li YanCHNA2:37.92
4Eiko ShishiiJPNA2:38.19
5Yumiko YamadaJPNA2:39.49
6Nathalie LambertCANA2:44.77
7Maria Rosa CandidoITAB2:43.64
8Maryse PerreaultCANB2:43.91
9Li JinyanCHNB2:44.04
10Yoo Boo-WonKORB2:44.28
11Qiao JingCHNB2:48.89
12Lee Yoon-SookKORBDNF
13Nobuko YamadaJPN5392:44.06
14Zhang YanmeiCHN5182:43.16
15Barbara MussioITA5182:45.22
16Cristina SciollaITA6242:51.52
17Marina PylayevaURS6162:45.59
18Priscilla ErnstNED6162:50.06
19Bea PintensBEL482:46.10
20Viktoriya TaraninaURS482:46.20
21Hong Ho-KyungKOR482:50.10
22Amy PetersonUSA482:52.27
23Joëlle van Koetsveld-van AnkerenNED482:53.29
24Karen GardinerAUS483:09.49
25Valérie BarizzaFRA552:50.90
26Tricia StennesUSA552:51.38
27Becky Mane SanfelippoUSA552:53.25
28Tara LaszloUSA552:54.03
29Eden DonatelliCAN553:04.89
30Hiromi TakeuchiJPN553:14.63
31Gabriella MonteduroITA633:23.48

Round One (23 February 1988 — 10:00)

Heat One

1Maria Rosa CandidoITA2:44.73Q
2Li YanCHN2:44.98Q
3Nathalie LambertCAN2:45.09Q
4Viktoriya TaraninaURS2:46.20
5Becky Mane SanfelippoUSA2:53.25

Heat Two

1Sylvie DaigleCAN2:47.30Q
2Li JinyanCHN2:47.40Q
3Priscilla ErnstNED2:50.06Q
4Hong Ho-KyungKOR2:50.10
5Valérie BarizzaFRA2:50.90
6Gabriella MonteduroITA3:23.48

Heat Three

1Monique VelzeboerNED2:47.71Q
2Cristina SciollaITA2:51.52Q
3Zhang YanmeiCHN2:52.22Q
4Karen GardinerAUS3:09.49
5Hiromi TakeuchiJPN3:14.63

Heat Four

1Nobuko YamadaJPN2:44.06Q
2Yoo Boo-WonKOR2:44.14Q
3Marina PylayevaURS2:45.59Q
4Amy PetersonUSA2:52.27
5Eden DonatelliCAN3:04.89

Heat Five

1Yumiko YamadaJPN2:51.19Q
2Maryse PerreaultCAN2:51.27Q
3Barbara MussioITA2:52.31Q
4Joëlle van Koetsveld-van AnkerenNED2:53.29
5Tara LaszloUSA2:54.03

Heat Six

1Eiko ShishiiJPN2:45.27Q
2Qiao JingCHN2:45.88Q
3Lee Yoon-SookKOR2:46.02Q
4Bea PintensBEL2:46.10
5Tricia StennesUSA2:51.38

Semi-Finals (23 February 1988)

Heat One

1Li YanCHN2:34.85QAWR
2Yumiko YamadaJPN2:34.97QA
3Maria Rosa CandidoITA2:35.03QB
4Maryse PerreaultCAN2:37.29QB
5Zhang YanmeiCHN2:43.16
6Priscilla ErnstNED2:50.32

Heat Two

1Eiko ShishiiJPN2:41.35QA
2Li JinyanCHN2:42.27QB
3Sylvie DaigleCAN2:43.28QA
4Yoo Boo-WonKOR2:43.40QB
5Barbara MussioITA2:45.22
6Marina PylayevaURS2:52.41

Heat Three

1Monique VelzeboerNED2:40.91QA
2Nathalie LambertCAN2:40.94QA
3Qiao JingCHN2:41.08QB
4Lee Yoon-SookKOR2:43.20QB
5Nobuko YamadaJPN2:46.55
6Cristina SciollaITA3:13.07

Final Round (23 February 1988 — 12:27)

A Final

1Sylvie DaigleCAN2:37.61
2Monique VelzeboerNED2:37.77
3Li YanCHN2:37.92
4Eiko ShishiiJPN2:38.19
5Yumiko YamadaJPN2:39.49
6Nathalie LambertCAN2:44.77

B Final

1Maria Rosa CandidoITA2:43.64
2Maryse PerreaultCAN2:43.91
3Li JinyanCHN2:44.04
4Yoo Boo-WonKOR2:44.28
5Qiao JingCHN2:48.89
DNFLee Yoon-SookKOR