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10 metres, Open

Date20 – 22 July 1912
LocationKungliga Svenska Segelsällskapet, Nynäshamn
Participants28 from 3 countries
FormatPoints for first three places as follows: 1st - 7; 2nd - 3; 3rd - 1; maximum of eight sailors per boat. Distance: 36.2 nautical miles.

The Swedish “Kitty” easily won both races and thus won the Olympic title. In the first race, “Kitty” was in front and held on to it for most of the race though they had difficulties setting the balloon. The Finnish boat “Nina” took second place and the race was finished without any change in positions. In the second race, the Russian “Gallia II” started well, but “Kitty” soon took the lead and was never threatened. Since “Nina” and “Gallia II” each finished second once and third once, they sailed-off. In that race, the “Nina” crossed the starting line 3 lengths in front of the “Gallia II,” and won the race easily by just under two minutes.

Carl HellströmErik WalleriusHarald WallinHumbert LundénHerman NybergHarry RosenswärdPaul IsbergFilip Ericson
Harry WahlWaldemar BjörksténJacob BjörnströmBror BrennerAllan FranckErik LindhJuho Aarne Pekkalainen
3Gallia IIRUS4Bronze
Joseph SchomackerEsper BeloselskyErnst BrascheKarl LindholmNikolay PushnitskyAleksandr RodionovPhilipp Strauch
Wilhelm ForsbergBjörn BothénBertil BothénErik LindénErik WallerArvid Perslow