Haringey AC, London (GBR)

Affiliation ID 1053
Full name Haringey Athletic Club
Short name Haringey AC
Place London (GBR)

Founded 1932 as Southgate Harriers. Known as Haringey & Southgate AC (1974-?). Later the name was shortend to Haringey AC. Merged with Enfield Harriers to Enfield and Haringey AC in 1999.

Athletes (19)

Darren Braithwaite GBR ATH 1996
Clarence Callender GBR ATH 1988
Seb Coe GBR ATH/BOA/IOC/LOCOG/WA 1980—2020
Stan Cox GBR ATH 1948—1952
John Giles GBR ATH 1948—1952
Dalton Grant GBR ATH 1988—1996
Wilbert Greaves GBR ATH 1980—1984
Heather Hunte-Oakes GBR ATH 1980—1984
Tony Jarrett GBR ATH 1988—2000
Wendy Jeal GBR ATH 1988
Mike McFarlane GBR ATH 1980—1988
Matt Mileham GBR ATH 1984—1988
Gary Oakes GBR ATH 1980
Shaun Pickering GBR ATH 1996
Max Robertson GBR ATH 1988—1992
Keith Stock GBR ATH 1984
David Strang GBR ATH 1996
Brian Whittle GBR ATH 1988
John Wrighton GBR ATH 1960