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Rino Parenti

Biographical information

Full nameEfre Rino•Parenti
Used nameRino•Parenti
Born13 July 1895 in Milano, Milano (ITA)
Died19 October 1953 in Roma, Roma (ITA)
NOC Italy


Rino Parenti was an Italian politician and sports official. In 1919 he joined Mussolini’s Italian combat squad and in 1922 participated in the March on Roma. A close friend of Achille Starace, Parenti was President of the Fascist Authority of Milano Sports in 1927 and, from 26 June 1933 to 1 January 1940, he was appointed a Federal officer of the city. For a year (December 1939 / December 1940) he was President of CONI and from November 1940 to August 1942 Parenti served as president of the Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro (National Recreational Club).

During World War II Parenti was Prefect of Como (1942-1943) and in October 1943 joined Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic (Salò Republic) and was appointed leader of the Como province until the end of the war. With the end of the Salò Republic, Parenti was imprisoned and on 16 June 1945 was sentenced to 25 years. A year later there was an amnesty and Parenti was released on 8 July 1946.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
President Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano 1939—1940 ITA Rino Parenti