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Mustapha Larfaoui

Biographical information

TypeIOC member
Full nameMustapha•Larfaoui
Used nameMustapha•Larfaoui
Original nameمصطفى•العرفاوي
Born27 November 1932 in Al-Jaza'ir (Algiers) (ALG)
NOC Algeria


A water polo player in his youth, Mustapha Larfaoui studied public health and was later director-general of the University Hospitals of Parnet and Constantine (1963-73) in Algeria. He was also director of public health and population of the Wilaya of Algiers from 1984-88. He later entered politics and was a member of the National Consultative Council from 1991-93. Larfaoui was a founding member of the Algerian Swimming Federation in 1962, and President of the Algerian Swimming Federation from 1962-83 and 1985-89. He served for over 30 years as President of the African Swimming Confederation, starting in 1974. Larfaoui became President of FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur) in 1988 and served until 2009, after which he was made Honorary Life President. He also was on the Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) from 1999-2009.

Larfaoui was co-opted onto the IOC in 1995, serving until 2009, after which he became an Honorary Member. He served on numerous IOC Commissions, including Apartheid and Olympism, Olympic Movement, Women and Sport, IOC 2000, Olympic Games Study, Marketing, and several Evaluation and Coordination Commissions.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
President Fédération internationale de natation 1988—2009 ALG Mustapha Larfaoui
FINA International Olympic Committee 1995—2009 ALG Mustapha Larfaoui
President Comité Olympique et Sportif Algérien 1998—2001 ALG Mustapha Larfaoui
Honorary International Olympic Committee 2009— ALG Mustapha Larfaoui

Special Notes