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Jukka Rangell

Biographical information

TypeIOC member
Full nameJohan Wilhelm "Jukka"•Rangell
Used nameJukka•Rangell
Born25 October 1894 in Hauho, Hämeenlinna (FIN)
Died12 March 1982 in Helsinki (FIN)
NOC(s) Finland


Jukka Rangell was prominent in business and politics, serving as a Helsinki banker and lawyer, and he was Prime Minister of Finland from 1941-43. During this time his government supported the Continuation War against the Soviets, and Rangell supported the Finnish occupation of East Karelia. After World War II, Rangell was given a 6-year prison sentence for war-responsibility crimes, but this was commuted in 1949.

In sports, Rangell was Finnish Champion in the triple jump in 1912-13. He was President of the Organizing Committee for the 1940 Helsinki Olympics, which were never held, and was President of the Finnish Olympic Committee from 1961-63. Rangell served on the IOC from 1938-67 and was an Honorary Member until his death in 1982.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure Details
Member International Olympic Committee 1938—1967 Representing Finland    
President Helsinki Olympic Organizing Committee 1938—1940 Representing Finland    
President Suomen Olympiakomitea 1961—1963 Representing Finland    
Honorary International Olympic Committee 1967—1982 Representing Finland