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Yidnekechew Tessema

Biographical information

TypeIOC member
Full nameAto Yidnekechew•Tessema
Used nameYidnekechew•Tessema
Original nameይድነቃቸው•ተሰማ
Born11 September 1921 in Jimma (ETH)
Died19 August 1987 in Addis Ababa (ETH)
NOC Ethiopia


Yidnekechew Tessema was a football player, earning 15 caps for Ethiopia, and he served as Secretary-General of the Ethiopian Football Federation from 1943-76. Tessema was President of the African Football Federation and was a member of the FIFA Executive Board from 1966-72. He also served as Secretary-General and then President of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee. Tessema studied in Paris, but was unable to finish there because of the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935. He became an IOC Member in 1971, serving until his death in 1987.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
President Ethiopian Olympic Committee 1967— ETH Yidnekechew Tessema
Member International Olympic Committee 1971—1987 ETH Yidnekechew Tessema