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Augusto Turati

Biographical information

TypeIOC member
Full nameAugusto•Turati
Used nameAugusto•Turati
Born16 April 1888 in Parma, Parma (ITA)
Died1 September 1955 in Roma, Roma (ITA)
NOC Italy


Augusto Turati studied law but then became a journalist with the liberal newspaper La Provincia de Brescia in 1914. During World War I he served as a Captain in the Army, and on his return from the front, joined the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF – National Fascist Party). He quickly rose in the organization and became secretary-general of the PNF from 1926-30. From 1924-34 Turati served in the Italian Chamber of Deputies. He also became involved in sports administration at this time, serving as President of several national sports federations, including athletics, lawn tennis, hiking, luge, and weightlifting. Co-opted onto the IOC as a member in May 1920, he served less than one year, resigning in April 1931, with no IOC Sessions held during that time.

Turati made many enemies among the PNF, and frequently clashed with Mussolini. Thus in 1933 he was exiled to Rhodes, at the time an Italian possession, where he set up an agricultural business. He was allowed back in Italy in 1937, living in Rome and working in the film industry, but with little success and he was impoverished. After liberation he joined the Roman resistance but was condemned for his fascist support and went to trial, although he was acquitted on all charges. Turati died from a heart attack in 1955 and was buried in an unmarked, communal grave.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
President Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano 1928—1930 ITA Augusto Turati
Member International Olympic Committee 1930—1931 ITA Augusto Turati