Korea Team (COR)



Olympic Games 26


For a long time, North Korea appeared not to be competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, as they did not confirm their only qualified competitors before the deadline. Briefly before the opening, however, it was revealed that North Korea would take part. Apart from a few competitors that would be allowed (in spite of not meeting qualifying standards), it was also agreed that the two nations would field a combined team in the women’s ice hockey competition. This team competed under a white flag, with the outline of the Korean peninsula in blue, under the name Korea Team, and with the abbreviation “COR”. Although the team lost all of its matches, many in Korea considered it a symbol for optimism and hope for more peaceful relations between the two countries.

At the Beijing 2022 Games, South Korea appeared alone in its own name, with a field of 64 Olympians, with North Korea failing to appear.

Participations by edition

Olympic Games

Edition As Men Women Total
2018 Winter Olympics Korea Team 0 26 26 Results

Participations by discipline

Olympic Games

Discipline (Sport) Men Women Total
Ice Hockey (Ice Hockey) 0 26 26 Results