Luge at the 1980 Winter Olympics

Dates 13 – 19 February 1980
Medal Events 3

As in 1968, the luge competitions were not held on the bobsleigh track, although it was situated nearly parallel to the Mt. Van Hoevenberg bob track that had also been used for the 1932 Winter Olympics. The architect of the track was also the same as in 1968, the Franco-Polish Jan Steler, whose design cost $5.8 million to realise.

Since the last Olympics, international luge competition had been expanded with a World Cup circuit, starting with the 1977/1978 season. The dominant East Germans were not regularly attending these competitions, however. Then again, the DDR sliders were not as successful as at a previous Olympics, taking “only” three medals. Nevertheless, this included two gold medals. For the first time, non-German speaking athletes won a medal in luge, as the Soviet Union took two medals in the women’s event.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Singles, Men Olympic 13 – 16 February 1980 30 13
Doubles, Open Olympic 19 February 1980 38 12
Singles, Women Olympic 13 – 16 February 1980 26 11
80 (54/26) 14 (14/11)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Singles, Men Bernhard GlassGDR Paul HildgartnerITA Anton WinklerFRG
Doubles, Open East Germany 1GDR Italy 1ITA Austria 1AUT
Singles, Women Vera ZozuļaURS Melitta SollmannGDR Ingrīda AmantovaURS

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
East Germany GDR 2 1 0 3
Soviet Union URS 1 0 1 2
Italy ITA 0 2 0 2
Austria AUT 0 0 1 1
West Germany FRG 0 0 1 1