Ski Jumping at the 1988 Winter Olympics

Dates 14 – 24 February 1988
Medal Events 3

The 1988 ski jumping events were held at Canada Olympic Park, which was specifically constructed for the 1988 Winter Olympics and was the site of ski jumping, bobsled, and luge. The normal hill had a K- and table-point of 89.0 metres, while the large hill had a K- and table-point of 114.0 metres. The program was enlarged in 1988 with the addition of a team event on the large hill. This consisted of four-man teams, taking two jumps each, with the best three jumps for each team in each round to count towards the team total. Calgary ski jumping was dominated by Finland’s Matti Nykänen, who won both individual jumps and led Finland to gold in the team event.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Normal Hill, Individual, Men Olympic 14 February 1988 58 19
Large Hill, Individual, Men Olympic 23 February 1988 55 18
Large Hill, Team, Men Olympic 24 February 1988 44 11
65 (65/0) 19 (19/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Normal Hill, Individual, Men Matti NykänenFIN Pavel PlocTCH Jiří MalecTCH
Large Hill, Individual, Men Matti NykänenFIN Erik JohnsenNOR Matjaž DebelakYUG
Large Hill, Team, Men FinlandFIN YugoslaviaYUG NorwayNOR

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
Finland FIN 3 0 0 3
Czechoslovakia TCH 0 1 1 2
Norway NOR 0 1 1 2
Yugoslavia YUG 0 1 1 2