Olympians Who Were Head of State (8)

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Role(s) Era Notes
Felipe, Crown Prince de Borbón ESP SAL Olympics / Other 1992 King of Spain 2014-present
Juan Carlos, Crown Prince de Borbón ESP SAL Olympics / Other 1972—1985 King of Spain 1975-2014
Albert, Prince Grimaldi MON BOB Olympics / Other / Administrator 1985—2002 Prince of Monaco 2005-present
Crown Prince Harald NOR SAL Olympics / Other 1964—1994 King of Norway 1991-present
Crown Prince Konstantinos GRE SAL Olympics / Other / Administrator 1955—1974 King of Greece 1964-1973
Crown Prince Olav NOR SAL Olympics / Other 1928—1981 King of Norway 1957-1991
Pál Schmitt HUN FEN Olympics / Administrator 1968—2022 President of Hungary 2010-2012
Marcus Stephen NRU
WLF Olympics / Other / Administrator 1992—2009 President of Nauru 2007-2011