Olympians Who Competed at the Olympics After Surviving Polio (16)

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Role(s) Era Notes
Tenley Albright USA FSK Olympics 1952—1956
Max Baldwin AUS CMA Olympics 1956 Paralysed in both legs and one arm, eventually learned to walk with crutches.
Larry Banner USA GAR Olympics 1960—1964
D'Arcy Coulson CAN LUG Olympics 1968
Buddy Davis USA ATH Olympics 1952
Ray Ewry USA ATH Olympics / 1906 1900—1908
Paola Fantato ITA ARC Olympics 1996 Wheelchair-bound
Arthur Gallagher USA ROW Olympics 1948
Lis Hartel DEN EDR Olympics 1952—1956 Remained paralysed below the knees
Jacob Heilveil USA ATH Non-Medal 1996 Lost use of legs; competed in disabled demonstration event
David Jamison USA ALP Non-Medal 1984—1988 Lost left leg; competed in disabled demonstration events
Nancy Lees USA SWM Olympics 1948
Shelley Mann USA SWM Olympics 1956
Howard Patterson USA SWM Olympics 1948
Wilma Rudolph USA ATH Olympics 1956—1960
Michel Salesse FRA FEN Olympics 1980—1984 Right arm remained mostly without function