Olympians Who Died in Drowning Accidents (10)

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Role(s) Era Notes
Henri Bouckaert FRA ROW Olympics 1900 Died in boat accident, when passenger ship Texas drowned in Gulf of Izmir.
Jul Braathe NOR SHO Olympics / 1906 1906—1912 Drowned.
Ivar Formo NOR CCS Olympics 1972—1976 Drowned on a skating trip on Store Sandungen lake.
Art Hussey USA GLF Olympics 1904 Drowned on Trinity River, California, while crossing the river on boat in Taylor's Flat, the gold mining village, but now a ghost town.
Ragnvald Maseng NOR SHO Olympics 1912 Drowned when trying to cross the river Bjoreia at Hardangervidda.
Freddie McEvoy GBR BOB Olympics / Other 1936 Died trying to save his wife from drowning in a boating accident.
Hjalmar Mellander SWE ATH 1906 1906 Died while trying to rescue a person from drowning.
Hans Schönrath GER BOX Olympics 1928 Drowned when hospital ship "DS General von Steuben" was sunk.
Rich Weiss USA CSL Olympics 1992—1996 Died in a drowning accident.
Jorge White CRC FBL Olympics 1980 Drowned at the mouth of Vizcaya River.