Comité Olympique Hellénique

NameComité Olympique Hellénique
Recognized by the IOC1895


Original name: Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή

In 1961 and again in 1971 the Olympic Committee of Greece was awarded with the Count Alberto Bonacossa Trophy. In 1978 the Olympic Committee was awarded with the Olympic Cup.


Tenure Name Country Notes
1894—1913 Konstantinos, Crown Prince of Greece GRE
1914—1917 Georgios II, King of Greece GRE as Crown Prince Georgios
1918—1920 Miltiadis Negrepontis GRE
1921—1923 Georgios II, King of Greece GRE as Crown Prince Georgios from 1921 to 1922
1924—1930 Georgios Averoff GRE
1930—1936 Ioannis Drosopoulos GRE
1936—1952 Pavlos, King of Greece GRE as Crown Prince Pavlos from 1936 to 1947
1953—1954 Kostas Georgakopoulos GRE shared position?
1953—1954 Ioannis Ketseas GRE shared position?
1955—1964 Crown Prince Konstantinos GRE
1965—1968 Irene, Princess of Greece GRE
1969—1973 Theodosios Papathanasiadis GRE
1973—1974 Spyridon Vellianitis GRE
1974—1976 Apostolos Nikolaidis GRE
1976—1983 George Athanasiadis GRE
1983—1984 Angelos Lempesi GRE
1985—1992 Lampis Nikolaou GRE
1993—1996 Antonios Tzikas GRE
1997—2004 Lampis Nikolaou GRE
2004—2009 Minos Kyriakou GRE
2009— Spyros Kapralos GRE