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Combined, Women

Date2 – 4 February 1948
LocationPiz Nair, St. Moritz / Suvretta, St. Moritz
Participants28 from 10 countries
FormatOne downhill run and two slalom runs, point tables determined placement.
DetailsGates: ?
Length: ?
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: ?

As with the men, the open downhill was used for the combined competition, with a combined slalom event held on 4 February, two days later. The downhill gold medalist was Hedy Schlunegger, but she was not so good in the slalom, and placed only 15th in this section, and eighth overall. By far the best slalom skier was Erika Mahringer, whose time of 1:58.1 in this event won by almost three seconds (and was over 6 seconds better than third place), led by her first slalom run that was 3.4 seconds better than the next best run by Gretchen Fraser and Trude Beiser. Fraser had the best second run in the slalom and placed second to Mahringer in this discipline. Beiser had an awful second slalom run, placing 16th and 9½ seconds behind Fraser. But Fraser came into the slalom after finishing only 11th in the downhill, while Beiser had won a silver medal in that event. Beiser’s overall lead after the downhill enabled her to narrowly win gold in the combined, with Fraser second and Mahringer third. Mahringer’s great slalom performance could not overcome her poor downhill, in which she had placed 15th.

1Trude BeiserAUT6.582:29.1 (2)2:10.5 (8)Gold
2Gretchen FraserUSA6.952:37.1 (11)2:01.0 (2)Silver
3Erika MahringerAUT7.042:39.3 (15)1:58.1 (1)Bronze
4Celina SeghiITA7.462:31.1 (4)2:09.7 (7)
5Françoise GignouxFRA8.142:32.4 (=7)2:09.0 (5)
6Rosmarie BleuerSUI8.802:33.3 (9)2:09.3 (6)
7Anneliese Schuh-ProxaufAUT9.762:39.0 (13)2:04.3 (3)
8Hedy SchluneggerSUI10.202:28.3 (1)2:18.5 (15)
9Alexandra NekvapilováTCH10.982:37.2 (12)2:08.8 (4)
=10Lucienne Schmith-CouttetFRA11.502:35.2 (10)2:12.4 (10)
=10Suzanne ThiollièreFRA11.502:31.4 (6)2:17.0 (=13)
12Resi HammererAUT11.872:30.2 (3)2:19.8 (18)
13Laila Schou NilsenNOR12.142:32.4 (=7)2:17.0 (=13)
14Lina MittnerSUI12.542:31.2 (5)2:19.6 (17)
15May NilssonSWE13.032:39.1 (14)2:10.6 (9)
16Ruth-Marie StewartUSA17.732:42.0 (16)2:16.4 (12)
17Becky CremerUSA22.012:44.2 (17)2:21.9 (20)
18Božena MoserováTCH23.012:46.1 (20)2:21.6 (19)
19Borghild NiskinNOR24.372:44.4 (18)2:26.1 (=21)
20Georgette Thiollière-MillerFRA25.792:52.4 (23)2:18.7 (16)
21Andrea MeadUSA30.843:03.1 (27)2:15.5 (11)
22Renata CarrarettoITA33.582:59.1 (24)2:26.1 (=21)
23Isobel RoeGBR34.912:47.3 (21)2:43.6 (25)
24Sheena MackintoshGBR36.003:00.0 (25)2:29.9 (23)
25Rosemarie SparrowGBR37.162:52.3 (22)2:41.7 (24)
26Olivia AusoniSUI38.022:45.1 (19)2:52.9 (27)
27Xanthe RyderGBR47.103:01.4 (26)2:49.8 (26)
DNFAnikó IglóiHUN3:07.1 (28)– (DNF)